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  1. ORFynder

    R1T Overlanding Adventure. Steens, Alvord Desert, Central OR

    Thanks for the write up. Have been wondering about the charger in Burns, OR as that route is our normal drive when traveling to Boise(non EV). Hope the state will start to build out more chargers in eastern Oregon, specifically on Rt 20.
  2. ORFynder

    Portland(OR) deliveries

    Thanks for the reminder, won't get my truck until Saturday and traveling this week on business so won't be able to make it. But you folks are inspiring me to organize a meetup in Central Oregon??? Thinking Central Oregon Rivian Enthusiast (C.O.R.E) ;). Anyways, will definitely make my way up...
  3. ORFynder

    Step 8 - Delivery Graphql status

    From my 8 steps to schedule delivery date was approx 2 weeks, but was offered to take delivery in a little over a week if I was open to it. Specifically scheduled a Saturday as I am currently traveling for work
  4. ORFynder

    Step 8 - Delivery Graphql status

    My Delivery Status states "APPT_SCHEDULED", Details is "null"
  5. ORFynder

    📊 Delivered Rivians Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Congrats! I know one was delivered in Sisters, OR. Its interesting how many have been delivered to Central Oregon. Wonder if Rivian wants more vehicles here since we are a well known mountain town and popular tourist destination. Mine is scheduled for next Saturday🤞
  6. ORFynder

    What time of day did your 8 steps open?

    Upload an insurance quote for the insurance document, tell your guide you are doing that to pass the insurance part (document will be rejected but lets you move on)and it should let you complete the other steps. Will just need to come back and reload the actual insurance document before you...
  7. ORFynder

    PPF Affordable DIY from TWRAPS

    FYI- They have the Rivian Template done, order some PPF from them earlier this week
  8. ORFynder

    Handwriting from factory on side of my R1T

    LOL. Glad to help. This forum has been amazing and happy to contribute.
  9. ORFynder

    Handwriting from factory on side of my R1T

    try meguiars ultimate compound. works wonders
  10. ORFynder

    Badge appreciation thread

    Apologize, will leave the thread
  11. ORFynder

    Badge appreciation thread

    Will do. painters tape, toothpicks for the plastidip, dental floss, goo gone, and a hair dryer for debadging
  12. ORFynder

    Badge appreciation thread

    Im going to plastidip all the logos black and attempt to keep the yellow accents on them. Will also debadge the back RIVIAN logo to see how it looks with just the R1T logo in the back
  13. ORFynder

    Has Your Guide Gone MIA?

    My guide has been great! Very responsive, thorough, and proactive. When I lost my 1st VIN, he found me a replacement VIN in less than a week. Keep in mind their workload has increased with deliveries ramping up with the R1T, but nonetheless my guide has been amazing. Can also say the same...
  14. ORFynder

    Will FE Interior go out of style?

    I don't think so, I saw FE in Venice and made the switch once i got back to my hotel. I am 100% sold on this interior and the employees act Venice also agreed its such a beautiful and classy color. Really goes well with EC
  15. ORFynder

    R1T updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    I would ask your guide as a friend of mine had to pay it out of pocket before he could take delivery of his truck which happened 2 weeks ago. Title is high because EVs don’t pay the gas tax so state needs to make that loss revenue stream somehow in EVs
  16. ORFynder

    R1T updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    Congrats on the delivery. Since you reside in OR, did you have to pay the Oregon Use Tax outside the Rivian payment/transaction so you can take delivery of the vehicle?
  17. ORFynder

    First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    Congrats and thank you for starting this thread. I wasn't a customer for the shop but found it very insightful. Much gratitude from the community