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  1. Max pack to large pack converts, do we expect any change in est date?

    I change to a large pack per earlier guidance. What does everyone’s magic 8 ball say about bumped dates back to 22? Seems unlikely now but I haven’t calibrated my 8 ball since the before times.
  2. Will I be able to retrieve footage from when driving/crashes?

    As far as I understand, I can review gear guard video but is there a constant loop like Tesla?
  3. Owners: can we get some photos of the underside of your truck

    Nobody knows the difference between the extra armor and not. Can you plz help us out?
  4. Will we get a browser?

    I'd like to play google stadia while I wait an hour to fuel up. The burn of 400V architecture could easily be remedied by allowing me to destroy n00bs in PUBG while I wait.