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  1. JaxNole

    First Mile Event Tour @ Agua Dulce Airpark, SoCal (Santa Clarita) Registration Open!

    Does anyone know if an invite is needed for the static part of the event? I live in North East FL but will be in LA the first weekend of the event. Would love to stop in and check out the vehicles and colors even if I can't drive one.
  2. JaxNole

    Florida Pre-orders

    I'll be doing just that the first weekend in December. Although, technically, the reason for my trip is to watch the Jaguars loose to the Rams.
  3. JaxNole

    Florida Pre-orders

    JaxNole - Jacksonville Beach, R1T Aug 2021 pre-order; Forest Green/Ocean Coast
  4. JaxNole

    2022 Rivian R1T Gear tunnel hands-on review:

    So, looks like you could not borrow someone else's camp kitchen unless you already have a gear shuttle.
  5. JaxNole

    Motor Trend Review: The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

    I wouldn't be. It looks pretty much like that in the "Sizing up the R1T" story on the Rivian site...