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  1. MountainBikeDude

    It's my 3 year Rivianniversary today!

    Wow, 3 short years! Time has flown by, almost didn't even noticed the aged piece of machinery in my driveway awaiting it's replacement. Thought this would be a good opportunity to share why I chose the then unproven/productless Rivian over similar choices from Toyota etc. Back in early 2019...
  2. MountainBikeDude

    Overland Expo in AZ. Anyone here attend??

    Just curious if any forum members were at Overland Expo West this past weekend? I know Rivian was a title sponsor, so curious if they had anything to show off?
  3. MountainBikeDude

    Sandy Munro Takes The R1T Off Road (Teardown Preview Included in OP)

    I'll give Sandy credit, he's driving it like it's a 20k vehicle. Edit Teardown Preview Edit #2 to add @kanundrum 's post so the videos are easily accessible
  4. MountainBikeDude

    Salomondrin gets his R1T! and... drops a million F-bombs praising it.

    Edit: Key takeaways - He loves it - Wishes it had Carplay - Feels it should have larger brakes And the kicker... He's selling it so pretty much just a promo for him to sell it.
  5. MountainBikeDude

    Underbody protection and cautionary off-road experience in a R1T

    Came across this just a bit ago and the owner goes into some of the Rivian's off-road suspension setting quirks as well as both room for improvement on underbody protection and cautionary advice for anyone considering the dark rims for use on trails. Credit where credit's due, check out the...
  6. MountainBikeDude

    OutofSpec: Rivian vs Taycan in the Desert

    For those of us that have been anxiously awaiting more from these guys! Thanks @OutofSpecKyle
  7. MountainBikeDude

    Out of Spec's R1T towing test impressions & results

    Summary by @vandy1981 : No trailer @ 70mph: 2.2 miles/kWh 12 foot, single axle utility trailer (1100 pounds*) with 1500 pounds of payload @ 70mph: ~1.09 miles/kWh 12 foot, single axle utility trailer (1100 pounds*) with an 8x6 flat vertical panel @70 mph: ~.77 miles/kWh They say that the total...
  8. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian towing a Lucid Dream

    Good track video of the Dream, with a little sneaky inclusion of the R1T around the 15:50 mark
  9. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian Peak Charge Rate

    So, I know Rivian's own page as it relates to charging talks about how the R1 platform can charge at a speed of "up to 140 miles in 20 minutes" and then goes on to talk about their own chargers and how they will initially charge at "speeds of 200kw and up to 300kw in the future". Every time I...
  10. MountainBikeDude

    OFF-ROAD instrument cluster

    Going back to the Rivians debut, they had a demo of what the dashboard would look like while driving. I'd like to see them do something similar to what was shown back then with the front camera on display while in off-road modes. I don't really think the pitch and roll info is very useful in my...
  11. MountainBikeDude

    Rivian TAT Video Part 1

    I know it's been talked about but for whatever reason I can't get the part 1 video from Motor Trend to open/play no matter the device or browser. It shows up but won't load. Anyone have a saved version or YouTube link... That works? ?