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  1. Team 1EV Rivian specific forged Aero Wheels

    I'll buy them when they can convert inches to mm correctly.
  2. Rivian hauling dirt bikes in bed -- test fitting TE300 and 500 KTM

    Snug but nice. I'll be happy when someone makes a combo ramp/bed extender that fits given the longer length of the tailgate once extended.
  3. Got the new wheels / tires to show fitment, not wheel choice

    This might be the first truck that I’ve ever seen that looks better stock than with new wheels and tires.
  4. 5 R1T’s 4 Wheeling Trip Report, Yankee Hill, Colorado, June 19, 2022

    How did the airbag go? Of its own accord or did a rock take it out?
  5. Sun Damage already? Advice for protecting it.

    Not really damaged, but it looks like some of the stuff impregnated in the plastic has faded. There are lots of products that do a good job of keeping black trim dark.
  6. First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    If you're second half of 2019 orders and getting the invite that gives me good hope as a 6/21 order.
  7. Dog Hammocks?

    The orvis hammock with the grip on the bottom fits well and holds nicely. It’s also not cheap Amazon trash.
  8. Rivian Not Cutting It - In Depth

    Thanks for posting the thumbnail of this video. Such a strange thing to try (and fail) to make money on. Maybe I should start a YouTube channel of critiquing this dudes haircut and shit taste in music. The Germans have a good word for these two, backpfeifengesicht.
  9. Issues list from 3 weeks of owning my R1T

    Why spend all that money on a truck that still has so many problems you’re not positive they’ll solve?
  10. If Volvo built a BEV pickup truck

    All I know is that I’m not positive I’m actually willing to say goodbye to my polestar 2.
  11. DIY Tonneau Repairs? Anyone try to do this yet?

    You only need one source of power. You do need a rigid way of indexing each side.
  12. PPF Affordable DIY from TWRAPS

    I just think people should know that they’ll be able to touch up and re-clear their whole front bumper and quarter panels for less than a full PPF wrap whenever it seems prudent. It’s still so strange to me how obsessed this sub is with the stuff.
  13. DIY Tonneau Repairs? Anyone try to do this yet?

    Do it. Take photos. Be methodical and don't pull on anything unless you're sure its just a clip. I don't have my truck yet otherwise I'd do it but someone has to be the first.
  14. 180 degree tailgate

    Find me a chevy with a mutli function tailgate, a ball hitch and the reciever, and without a dent right in the middle of that tailgate and I'll give you a gold star.
  15. Elon Musk says that Lucid and Rivian are tracking toward bankruptcy

    If he wants rivian to succeed he should quit using a proprietary plug and open the supercharger network. I have never once been upset that I dont have a twitter.
  16. Max Pack Update? Anyone?

    I’m expecting delays.
  17. OutofSpec Kyle Gets His R1T - Rivian Factory Delivery Video

    This thread is 21 long. My father used to call topics like this “horse pulp,” a phrase I understand now.
  18. 2024 Chevy Blazer EV