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  1. Mark_AZR1T

    R1T Order No. 2 (6.25.22) How Long Before Delivery?

    I've just placed a reservation for another R1T. It's a bit of an experiment on seeing if I can circumvent the end of 2023 delivery date Rivian has provided. Any guesses from the pro's here on the forums for an actual delivery date or if I have a chance to 'jump-the-queue" as a few have done...
  2. Mark_AZR1T

    How much do you pay for energy to charge at home?

    With gas prices over $5.00 a gallon and trending higher, the timing to go electric is fantastic. I'm paying 6.4 cents ($0.064) per kWh on my EV PLAN with SRP (energy provider) from 11pm - 5am. For July/August it jumps up to a whopping $0.0643 kWh :). We have a Tesla solar system with...
  3. Mark_AZR1T

    R1T 20" AT Wheel Weight, Specs, Offset, Bolt Pattern, Construction

    20" Wheels Specs: Weight: 88 lbs (with tires mounted) Size: 20x8.5, Offset: +48mm Bolt pattern: 5 x 5.5 Construction: 20" wheels are forged. 21" and 22" wheels are all cast. Working with my aftermarket wheel manufacturer on some forged designs for the R1T. At present because of the +48mm...
  4. Mark_AZR1T

    Charging via Solar & Powerwalls LIVE

    Received my R1T yesterday and thought I'd do a quick recharge via my Tesla panels and 2X Powerwalls to see if 100% short term off the grid charging at 12kW was possible. It is... Powerwalls were at 98% , panels producing 6kW... coupled together 100% off the grid to top off the battery from 181...
  5. Mark_AZR1T

    Delivery Checklist Ideas

    My delivery is this Saturday morning and while I have a basic checklist to go over myself and with the delivery team for my R1T, I thought it may be helpful to get the forums input on putting together a more comprehensive list. I'm not looking to hammer the delivery team, just check some item's...