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  1. anotherburrito

    Here's a look at the wireless charger coils on the center console.

    So I tried to take the rubber mat off the center console to unplug the wireless charger as I saw in a few other threads. Surprisingly on mine, the double-sided tape was super strong and the cover to the wireless charger came right off with the rubber pad! So, here's a look at the TREMENDOUS...
  2. anotherburrito

    Found a Decent Gear Tunnel Organizer and/or Frunk Organizer

    This weekend I remembered that I had this Rola branded trunk organizer for my wife's SUV that she's not using anymore. It's been in storage in the garage so it's pretty dirty, but you get the idea. I'm tired of stuff like my daughter's basketball rolling around in the gear tunnel, so I tried it...
  3. anotherburrito

    Anyone solved for phone slipping around the charging area?

    I’m on the lookout for the thinnest piece of sticky silicone I can fine to keep my phone from sliding all over the charging area in front of the console. Hoping I can find something that doesn’t prevent wireless charging. Right now, it’s literally impossible to keep the phone on the sweet spot...
  4. anotherburrito

    Highest vs Lowest suspension setting -- R1T photos

    The huge difference between the highest and lowest setting still cracks me up.