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  1. RWerksman

    Working Magsafe / Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Pad Install! - DIY Writeup

    Welp, my dudes, I've done it. I have successfully replaced the POS wireless charging pad with a Magsafe / Magenetic Qi chaging pad that functions correctly. It's 100% powered using the existing lead in the wireless charging pad cavity and does not require using the USB-C ports in the center...
  2. RWerksman

    Internet Connectivity Loss

    The truck loses internet connectivity and will seemingly not reestablish it until two button steering wheel reset. It's happened twice to me now, both times in a rural area when driving between two population centers - Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I figured it out the second time - sat imagery...
  3. RWerksman

    WE OWE - Rivian Wrist Band Key - Now October 2022

    Just spoke to service about an unrelated matter and checked on the wristband key that I didn't get. They are now projecting arrival in October, not August. Additionally, you'll need to contact service to get it programmed for your vehicle. FYI
  4. RWerksman

    Low speed 'Tocking' when stopping or starting

    I'm not sure if I consider this a problem, but I'm looking for feedback about how many people are experiencing a similar behavior before I put in a service request. At slow speeds, especially when set to high regen, my truck is making a 'tocking' sound when starting out or coming to a stop. I'm...
  5. RWerksman

    Center Console Tray

    One of the things that bugged me after receiving my Rivian was the lack of small, concealable storage that was easy to access. There is a a fold out drawer in the seat but that is a pain to access, and the center console was convenient, but cavernous. I figured a little tray or so would work, so...
  6. RWerksman

    Sun Glasses Holder Mod

    Like many people who have been receiving Rivians, I've been looking for a space to store a set sunglasses that I generally keep in the car. It's was quickly apparent that there wasn't a good place and that I was going to have to be creative. I started with experimenting with 'off the shelf'...
  7. RWerksman

    May - June 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    You might have asked yourself, why is there no thread for me and the other cool kids in this group? There is now! Where my May - June peeps at?
  8. RWerksman

    Price Changes & The Inevitable SEC Investigation or Lawsuit

    Hey Guys - Please don't shoot the messenger, but I believe it's highly likely there will be an SEC investigation or investor lawsuit that accompanies these massive price increases. Here is why: According to details available in the lawsuit that was filed by Laura Schwab one of the many items...
  9. RWerksman

    ? Rivian IPO S1 Filing - reveals preorder numbers, R1S delivery date, Autonomous Subscription Fee & more... Take Aways: 14 Directed Share Program - Preorder holders will likely be able to participate in the IPO in some fashion. 21 Preorders - 48,390 R1T / R1S as of September 30, 2021 in the United States and Canada...
  10. RWerksman

    Delay Placeholder Vehicles

    With the recent delay, I've been forced to reevaluate my transportation needs again. Initially when I preordered, I was hoping to have my R1T by the fall. That has since slipped to 1H 2022 and now is likely end of 2022. I'm a bit worried about my old TJ making it. So, I was looking at either...
  11. RWerksman

    F150 Lightning Trim Level Pricing Leaked

    Per the F150 G14 sister forum: You can view the exact pricing over at the other forum, but the highlights are: 300MI Pack - $7,000 Tow Tech Package - $1,500 (camera, brake controller, bed scales, etc.) Max Trailer Package - $900 (10k towing up from ?) Autonomous Driving Package - $1,825...
  12. RWerksman

    New Rivian Video Posted - Long Way Up Update

    Looks to be a matte black wrapped recent build R1T. It's neat to see David Alexanian's take on the progress. There's a special shot at 4:17 showing the (already known) branding of the sound system.