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  1. Tips to reduce vampiric power loss?

    Here are some tips: Make sure front seat belts are not clicked in. May think someone is in the vehicle and keep HVAC on Turn off proximity entry with the phone Turn off Gear Guard (completely or only at home) Make sure you're updated to the latest software version
  2. Report: Santa Barbara to Oakland Towing 15' Boat

    Create a service ticket in the app. That would get it noticed for the bug
  3. Rivian Not Cutting It - In Depth

    And Elon/Tesla has been a shining example of hitting every expectations at exactly the time they said they would.
  4. Towing 7000 lbs 27' Trailer, ~ 130miles 3500ft Elevation Change

    I'd be very interested to know the range as well in an Airstream. We've been eyeing an Airstream for a while.
  5. Rivian Not Cutting It - In Depth

    Sure, but how many years has Tesla had cars on the road? How many Superchargers were out there 8 months after 1st production car went out the door?
  6. Rivian Not Cutting It - In Depth

    "Don't reset while you're driving.... But we're on a trip?" Would you seriously risk crashing by rebooting the car/ECUs while it's moving?
  7. $10K cash for any reservation with delivery date in the next 30 days...

    Ok deal, will sell the reservation for $150K *snap* :D
  8. What a difference a charger makes (Pasadena)

    The next "big deal" is when you get your own home charger and never have to go to a charging station. Always be topped off ready to go after you wake up in the morning. :D (Assuming you don't already have one)
  9. Not liking one pedal driving

    There are 2 options. Standard and High
  10. Not liking one pedal driving

    Yes exactly. I get upset when I misjudge it and need to actually hit the brakes
  11. Not liking one pedal driving

    TBH, learning this should be VERY easy. I learned this while driving home with a new vehicle. It has basically become a game now to see if I can time the regen braking to stop right before the stop sign or light
  12. Not liking one pedal driving

    To each their own, but you do have a lot of negative comments toward Rivians, so I wonder if it's just some blanket hate for Rivians in general like they can do nothing right
  13. Not liking one pedal driving

    This actually sounds dangerous. It will definitely be a social change where as more people get into EVs, they will understand the brake lights more. Heck, when I use Adaptive cruise control or an ADAS system, the software is worse when it comes to brake checking people.
  14. Not liking one pedal driving

    Do you like paying a lot of money for brakes?
  15. Rivian deserves some kudos

    Agreed. When I take my Wrangler into service now, the rates are massively jacked up. Jeeps are suppose to be cheap to own
  16. Rivian deserves some kudos

    Unfortunately, dealerships have a 2nd job which is to overprice your service needs. When your ICE or their new EV offerings breakdown, there needs to be a place to bring it to get it serviced (until independent shops train and figure out how to service EVs)
  17. Rivian deserves some kudos

    Ok so from your post. Rivian still bad because stupid stock prices and no heart? Dealerships are great. People will pay markups anyways. Long live dealerships! Does that sum your comment up correctly?
  18. My Partially Disassembled R1T at the Body Shop For Repaint

    In all seriousness, if you haven't driven an R1T, you will not quite understand the driving dynamics of it. But if you have, you'll understand that this 7K lbs truck does feel like it drives (better) than a stock Toyota Celica. That's how I feel about it anyways
  19. My Partially Disassembled R1T at the Body Shop For Repaint

    As my daughter would say "...AND SOOOOO?"