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  1. TheIglu

    Door Sill/Rocker Panel Protection

    There is a good 2-3" of bare painted metal on the bottom of the door frame before the Rivian logo'd plastic covers. I've already gotten a small paint scratch on this area from someone getting into the truck with a small pebble stuck to their shoe. People end up using this area of the door sill...
  2. TheIglu

    150kWh vs 350kWh charging rates, charger status on PlugShare

    New to EV's, so apologies if this is common knowledge. Getting my R1T later this week, and have a trip 1 week later where I'll be towing and will need to charge on the trip in upstate NY (first charge near Albany). ABRP gives me a few options for charging, mostly all EA chargers. There is...
  3. TheIglu

    Bed extender?

    Does anyone know of plans for a bed extender, either Rivian branded (hopefully) or aftermarket in the works for the R1T? For times I don't want to tow the trailer and just transport a single motorcycle, this soft of thing is super nice to have with such a short bed, especially when it hinges...
  4. TheIglu

    Install location + THHN color

    With being assigned a guide finally (even though she's unresponsive), I figured I should get myself setup on a charging spot since I have the Rivian wall charger on order along with the truck. 200amp service in the house, with space on the panel. This is actually less amperage than my...
  5. TheIglu

    Towing + Efficiency: Please post your experience!

    For those of us waiting (patiently.... or otherwise) for our trucks who tow, having some real life data of towing from you all fortunate enough to have gotten deliveries already would be helpful. If it's not too much trouble, could you post up trip examples with conditions, trip length, type...
  6. TheIglu

    "By the end of May" communication

    Rivian had said earlier that they were going to be reaching out to all current pre-order holders to confirm configuration and potential changes by the end of May. Has anyone seen this occur yet? I haven't been contacted, and it doesn't appear many others have as well. 10 days to go.....
  7. TheIglu

    Charging and pass through power

    I will be using my truck primarily for towing/camping duties at track days. I usually have AC power access at the track and usually just plug my enclosed trailer to one 20 amp circuit. To be able to charge the truck over a 2-4 day event, I'd likely be limited to a 20amp level 1 charge. That's...
  8. TheIglu

    Things to do on a demo drive

    Tomorrow morning I'm demo driving an R1T at the Venice hub. Are there any "must do's" beyond the obvious drive mode try outs, 0-60 runs, etc?