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  1. Extra Battery Capacity Hack

    Yah but the box and truck both have wireless communication built in so they can talk.
  2. Installing wall charger outside vs inside

    It’s rated for outdoor use but as a fellow cfl guy I do whatever I can to keep stuff indoors or at least covered. Sun, humidity, water, bugs, etc. I’ve seen some unprotected outdoor chargers and after a year they look like they’re ready to die. I’d at least try and build a cover for it to keep...
  3. Midnight Black R1S + Black Wheels looks soooo good! 😈

    Haha I read a stat a while ago that something like 90%+ of Escalades were white or black. It’s what the people want apparently but I’m not one of them either.
  4. Extra Battery Capacity Hack

    I I still find funny that the Rivian charger doesn’t know it’s charging an R1T. That said, look at all the power I got at only 70% limit.
  5. Key not found...

    I had the same issue yesterday but a hard reset fixed it after trying everything else. Oddly it popped up again a few hours later but without a hard reset it fixed itself a few minutes later. This is with the fob in hand. If this happens again I’m going to be very upset. I get bugs and tonneau...
  6. TONNEAU ISSUES / TROUBLES POLL - Headaches for Us and Rivian?

    For the no problems at all group I think the follow up question should be how often they’ve cycled it
  7. Locked out of my Rivian R1T

    Something must have been pushed yesterday/last night. This morning I could get in but couldn’t drive due to not seeing the key (I had the fob). Had to hard reset.
  8. Cab height bed rack?

    this is why I love forums because the innovative collaboration. That said, I’m scared about lateral forces racking the thing with more than about #75 but in a pinch I guess I could Jerry it with ratchet straps to an upper bed anchor on each side.
  9. Cab height bed rack?

    100% agreed. this 100%. Third party market isn’t going to come up with anything until there are 250,000+ trucks sold. Can’t think of a downside for Rivian helping to show this as work truck capable. Also, I think folks would feel much more secure hauling a kayak and other things long distances...
  10. Cab height bed rack?

    Thanks for the heads up. Among other things, I’d like to carry some things like lumber and ladders so this is probably asking for trouble.
  11. Cab height bed rack?

    Thanks. Tried searching and didn’t see anything. I might make myself a Guinea pig if I can find a local place with a nice return policy but my guess is if the Yakima worked they would have already said it.
  12. Cab height bed rack?

    Title says it. I’ve got the OEM set of crossbars for the roof but does any one have a confirmed fit for a rack that can give a level surface over the bed such as this? Edit: tldr-there is...
  13. Suspension Auto Adjusting At Stoplights

    Here’s another issue I just noticed yesterday. Lowest setting is too low for a set of 25mph speed tables near where I live no damage but i definitely felt it hit/rub. I manually had put it in normal ten minutes earlier.
  14. New proposed Federal rules on building EV charging stations (to obtain federal subsidies)

    Gratitude? Elon didn’t even start Tesla. Maybe he accelerated the “revolution” by a few years but that’s it.
  15. Suspension Auto Adjusting At Stoplights

    I’ve further noticed that it seems to randomly change ride height between lowest and normal when on conserve. I’ve been leaving that screen up lately and I’m seeing it go between. Not sure if related or not but I think it might be.
  16. New proposed Federal rules on building EV charging stations (to obtain federal subsidies)

    This is one of the more common sense set of rules I’ve seen for a govt program. Only change I would have done is have a more graduated program for subsidy location since the 1mile rule helps strip mall owners and hurts main street in most places in much of USA but it looks like commenting period...
  17. Wall charger installation at home - suggestions and recommendations? ⚡️⚡️

    Meh. code is optional with DIY btw if we want to be code sticklers then that whip isn’t secured to code either. :) I don’t know what you’re talking about, MC is beautiful