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  1. Lil'Dave

    New R1T/R1S Shirts - Gear Shop

    I guess these are new additions to the Gear Shop? I ordered the R1S shirt out of desperation of owning something representing a real one.
  2. Lil'Dave

    Stuck after Final Quality Checks

    I've seen a lot of them being shipped on smaller transporters along with normal car carriers. I saw a ton of Colorado and Canyons being shipped on smaller transporters when I was near the Wentzville factory last week which I found odd. I passed both of these last weekend about 60 miles west of...
  3. Lil'Dave

    "By the end of May" communication

    I worked in a type of CS back in the day (2008ish). People would call, email, or send letters to the CEO/GP/VP's all the time. Their admin would read it and send it to the leader of the appropriate group to handle. We would always follow up with the customer regardless of what route it came to...
  4. Lil'Dave

    Road Trip: Normal to Portland after factory delivery pickup

    Glad you were able to make it! Gorgeous truck! Looking forward to updates on the ride out west.
  5. Lil'Dave

    Should I fly out to Normal (from Portland) to pick up my truck?

    That is a lot of driving but it would be a fun trip if you aren't on a tight schedule. All the R1T's lined up out front charging and seeing the staging lot is cool. When I'm in the area I always drive by the factory. I'm sure you would get to meet lots of curious people during your...
  6. Lil'Dave

    Driving my Tesla on a dirt road voided my warranty

    Someone at the dealer is not handling that correctly. Did you ask to involve the regional service rep? Did they do a failure analysis of the component? Pretty risky on their part telling you that without having concrete evidence. Dirt on a component (that gets wet every time the road is wet)...
  7. Lil'Dave

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club & Photos

    Iphone 12 Pro. As you can see, really gloomy day.
  8. Lil'Dave

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club & Photos

    Lots of Limestone at the lot outside the factory. First time seeing it up close. It was rainy out but I'm happy with the color. Curious to see it in the sunlight.
  9. Lil'Dave

    Tons of Rivians & Amazon Vans ready to ship... photos [removed at request of Rivian]

    We went by there today. Lot is pretty full of R1T's. There was a car carrier loading up R1T's from the lot in the picture. Hopefully all the R1S are inside or somewhere protected. Bad weather predicted for Central IL today.
  10. Lil'Dave

    Guide call & PBA signed for R1S... mid-may delivery

    Congrats! Same color combo as us! I can't wait to see pictures.
  11. Lil'Dave

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club & Photos

    We swung through Bloomington today and unfortunately missed the Limestone R1T (saw the usual colors). Hopefully someone that lives in the Peoria area takes delivery of a Limestone R1T or R1S in the next 6 months. I've seen enough Rivian Blue and White (our other top choices) to count them out...
  12. Lil'Dave

    Tiger stripes in hood paint

    Rivian brought a R1T to a earth day event today. It was LA Silver (14XX VIN) and it too had the tiger stripping 😐
  13. Lil'Dave

    New Drone Footage?

    Rivian is going to be at an Earth Day event on Saturday about 30 mins from the factory. I'm going to drive by the factory after the event to see if anything is visible (I don't have a drone). I'm hoping the rail cars aren't there so I have a clear view of the staging lot.
  14. Lil'Dave

    R1S Guide Contact about to happen! [Email received]

    There was someone that posted pictures of R1T FE delivery on the Rivian Midwest Owners Group. There is hope I guess.
  15. Lil'Dave

    New Illinois Tax Credit July 1

    This looks like the latest revisions. Made everyone in IL eligible. Public comment available through tomorrow. 3076 starts with the definitions, etc.
  16. Lil'Dave

    New Illinois Tax Credit July 1

    There was no language for an income cap, it was only that those with lower incomes get priority in processing the rebate. There was one article referencing an income cap but it wasn't correct. The last time I checked it was restricted to Chicago area counties. They were supposed to update it...
  17. Lil'Dave

    Road Trip from Illinois to California has begun.

    We are planning to do a similar trip (about the same starting point) once we receive our R1S. Really looking forward to your feedback. Have a safe trip!
  18. Lil'Dave

    Many of you are mistaking how to think about the order queue...

    I would assume the conversion rate will be significantly higher on the LE's vs the newer orders for Adventure/Explorer. I doubt we will ever know but it is fun to speculate. I have a reservation for a R1S, Hummer SUV EV, Silverado EV, and Cybertruck. The SUV is the immediate (want) and the...
  19. Lil'Dave

    Cancelled Order Restored

    For reals! I will admit the month of the missing R1S icon on the left menu was painful.
  20. Lil'Dave

    Rivian 10-K Annual Report (3/31/2022)

    Hopefully not a repost. Highlights - Ukraine cited 13 times and Covid 28 times.