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    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    +1 for wishing they chose a Zero bike instead. You're all pissed at this knob thing that fell off. I'm still pissed at the knob driving the R1T. Rivian guy - "lets just chill and see what's broken" KnobGuy - "must...keep....driving immediately! The show must go on!"
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    R1T Overland Rig Possibilities

    Nice write up! That edit looks sleek. I like the Kimbo camper myself...and will just take the hit from the increased air resistance. So Hexijen you in for a Rivian Rip to South America?
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    R1T Overland Rig Possibilities

    Hey OP, This is what I will be doing with my R1T. My hope is that the bed options will be in the configuration tool...unless there has been an official comment on scrapping this plan?
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    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    Fire up PirateBay if you want to live the pirate life. Trucks look sweet. So many funny moments. Towing them to charge and that horn placement! Highly recommend watching. I think a Rivian group ride "Alaska to Ushuaia 2022" needs to get started for when we get our vehicles. Who is in!?
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    R1T Order # 16XX. Nov 27th, 2018