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  1. GasGuzzler

    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    I think they're answering a different question or, perhaps, it's a given to some, being that they're replacing an existing SUV. For example, I said I use my Yukon for road trips and to tow a boat. What I left out, since it wasn't asked, is that many of those road trips are to the snow...
  2. GasGuzzler

    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    I have two cars I primarily drive right now: 1) a Maserati Granturismo as a daily driver; and 2) a Yukon XL Denali that we use for road trips and towing our boat. Both of these cars are nasty gas guzzlers! The rivian R1S eliminates the gas issue. It has a faster 0-60 than my Granturismo and a...
  3. GasGuzzler

    Any details on the Door handles.

    I hope so. I tend to barge through doors like Kramer used to on Seinfeld, so I'd have no patience with that handle
  4. GasGuzzler

    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    01/15/2020 I was dead set on a different car until a few weeks ago
  5. GasGuzzler

    San Francisco Rivian Event [Updated with impressions, info, photos]

    I'm bummed I'll be out of town this weekend. Cars and beer gardens are right up my alley. Would someone mind taking and posting pics/notes for those of us who can't make it?
  6. GasGuzzler

    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    Towing Needs: * A rear camera dedicated to the receiver ball * Rear flood lights so you can see while hooking up the trailer at night * Ability to connect 3rd party bluetooth cameras to display on dash * Suspension that adjusts for added tongue weight. Can't stress how awesome this is on my...