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    Roof Options - What is your preference?

    I'm skeptical they'll actually offer as many roof options as they claim, since that adds significant production complexity. There will likely just be the fixed metal and electrochromic glass options.
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    Rivian, PLEASE Fix This!

    Pilot Production is still a prototype, just built on an assembly line rather than in a prototyping shop.
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    Email update on Rivian Configurator, Financing, Brand Store

    All I'm looking for is a non-Tesla replacement for my Model X. I would stay with Tesla if they hadn't taken such a minimalistic approach with the Model Y and were investing more in customer service and quality control. I don't need to go off roading or seat 7 people. The R1S is a bit...
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    Michigan Bill Seeks To Shut Rivian Out From Directly Selling and Servicing

    The bill progression shows it made it out of committee with modifications. The document is not yet available so I am waiting to see if that is good, bad, or indifferent.
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    Email update on Rivian Configurator, Financing, Brand Store

    At this point, it's a race between the Rivian configurator release and Mustang Mach-E First Edition delivery. Rivian will still be in the running if they can get the configurator out first, but I'm not waiting around for it if my alternative shows up before then.
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    Michigan Bill Seeks To Shut Rivian Out From Directly Selling and Servicing

    I received the following email from Rivian today and it is very alarming. In short, the bill seeks to put into law the settlement Tesla reached with the state, giving Tesla an exemption but shutting down all future automakers from directly selling and servicing in the state, including Rivian...
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    BMW X5-Xdrive45e Plug-in Hybrid while I wait for Rivian

    I don't think it will take anywhere near 2023 for Rivian to get through their backlog of preorders. You'd probably be looking at mid 2022 at worst. However, there is an advantage to being able to sit out of the initial teething issues and make sure the company is viable long-term before making...
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    Video: Preproduction R1T Begin Rolling Off The Line!

    No, it was today. There is still a substantial amount of new construction going on at the factory, but those areas aren't required for initial production.
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    Ford Mach E Specs & Pics Leaked

    While I was hoping to see Rivian's ordering system first, the release of additional First Edition Mach Es has prompted me to order one now. I still would love to own a Rivian some day, but it will likely be a few years down the road unless they really surprise me with the price.
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    Lucid Motors SUV

    I was thinking more Lincoln Aviator.
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    The seats offered by Ford/Lincoln definitely have a cooling aspect to them. The seats in my Model X, as well as seats I've experienced in GM products, only provide ventilation and not active cooling. It's unclear which type Rivian will end up with, but I'm hoping they are able to use the Ford...
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    Gear Tunnel and Frunk size

    I regularly carry golf clubs in the front trunk of my Model X. You might be able to fit two sets in the Rivian frunk if it's wide enough given the additional depth. I haven't seen a dimension yet, but it would need to be at least 48" wide to fit.
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    There's bound to be some people who reserved when the R1T was revealed on 11/26/18. I waited for the R1S reveal to reserve mine.
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    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    That timeline isn't too bad. Realistically it means Fall 2021 delivery for early R1S reservations like mine.
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    Rivian colors samples from recent video

    Cadillac has a nice shade called Autumn Metallic. They had a XT4 in that color sitting in front of the dealership for a couple months, and it was sharp.
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    Ford cancels Lincoln electric vehicle program with Rivian

    It makes more sense for Ford to build a Lincoln variant of the Mustang Mach-E than to build an entirely third party model with Rivian. While it would have been cool to see, I support the decision and think it gives Rivian a better chance to focus on their own products.
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    Skateboard chassis for EV conversions...will Rivian sell them?

    I can't imagine Rivian selling an unfinished chassis to the general public. Your best hope would be buying a salvage vehicle for conversion as people have done with Teslas.
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    Crude Oil

    It's not so much the environment, but the driving dynamics of an EV far surpass anything with an ICE to make me want to go back.
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    Pardon the temporary look while we renovate

    The new look is coming together well. Can you fix the home page though so it doesn't have a page not found error?