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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    green or blue for me until they finally post colors. Dragging on forever (19 months since my deposit) without something (info, configurator, coffee cup, t-shirt, etc.) is becoming more frustrating by the day - especially as I see other manufacturers producing new EVs or getting close to...
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    I don't think those of us that would like some type of PV covering (roof and/or frunk or tonneau) believe it will make a large impact in charging/range, but it will help. Over the course of a year, if you have a PV covered roof (perhaps 300w today, higher as they get better) instead of the...
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    R1T 180 Kw Green - perhaps another color once whey show them all Steel roof - I will park the truck and get out if I want to look at the sky Class IV receiver - hopefully some trailering/backup electronic goodies Premium audio Roof rack/bed rack for carrying 14' kayaks Heated Seats/steering...
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    POLL: When do you think Rivian will open the Configurator?

    While I would like it to be September, I think November is realistic (optimistic?) if they stay on target to deliver late Summer 2021.
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    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    This week at our plant in Normal, IL, the work of thousands of Rivian team members comes together as our pilot production line begins running. This important milestone brings us another step closer to our full production launch. It also allows us to more precisely estimate delivery timing. R1T...
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    How Rivian will Rollout the R1T Lineup

    got an email from Rivian today saying first R1T deliveries would be June 2021 - R1S to start in August
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    Rivian drops images of R1T in new color

    As others have said, it is an interesting color, but I am still leaning towards blue or green. If it was closer to a metallic copper, I would be more interested.
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    "EVPassport To Offer $39/Month Unlimited EV Charging, Interoperability, More"

    18 months ago when I placed my deposit on the R1T I think this would have been very appealing. Fast forward to today - I have moved to a small town (everything is close by) and I am permanently tele-commuting and have probably driven less than 3000 miles this year so far. I will only ever need...
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    R1T accessories & options wish list.

    This is as great idea. I would like to be able to raise the front high while lowering the back down for easier loading/unloading of my motorcycle and other wheeled vehicles. That would also allow my ramps to be shorter.
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    Touring Rivian

    It's great to see any new bit of information while we wait for production to start...
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    In 2019 it generated about 14.4 MWh, while we consumed 11.9 MWh. This year I'm adding a section of heated driveway for the winter, so with that, the R1T, and whatever EV my wife chooses in the next 12 months or so, I will probably be adding another 8-10K.
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    I will be using my R1T primarily as a daily driver, though it will include hauling bicycles/kayaks/motorcycles and pulling my boat trailer. My GMC Canyon can do all that now, but I want electric as that is obviously (to me anyway) the way of the future. I am concerned about climate change (just...
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    Charging station as a hook

    With the short time needed to fill a gas tank this was never a thought in the past. Now that we are facing significant charging times fresh ideas like this offer a lot of opportunity for small business and attractions that they did not have before. Plus it gives us something to do while we...
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    Disney+ Options

    Since I have ample access to media/apps with smartphone/Surface/Nook there is no reason I would want to have anything like Disney+ integrated in my new truck.
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    Also it would be nice if you could get most of the color options WITHOUT and upcharge.
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    I agree. Plus, since I don't want a huge chunk of hot glass above my head a solar panel would be a perfect replacement!
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    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    The way I understand it, the states are protecting the Dealers - not the big 3. That is the same reason you can't buy them online. I interviewed with a startup several years ago that was trying to get an online vehicle sales system built for GM - it never went anywhere. I was told it was...