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    VW ID.4 electric SUV will come with 3 years of free charging on Electrify America’s network

    Especially if you're going to the kind of places where Rivian's are marketed as being suited for - small, rural towns where I've found it's typically more expensive to fill up.
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    Do you think that Rivian vehicles could get the same hate that Tesla owners sometimes deal with?

    This is probably the heart of my disagreement. I think to ascribe the social ill of increased polarization to one side of the political spectrum is a bit naive/tribal, and possibly misses the bigger picture of the role that how we get our "news" today plays. Basically, I think polarization is...
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    Do you think that Rivian vehicles could get the same hate that Tesla owners sometimes deal with?

    Politics, really? It's not even a good analysis. If it was simply a luxury/class issue then we should see the same hate towards other luxury brands, right? I don't get the sense that other luxury brands are targeted in the same way that Teslas sometimes are, but I obviously don't have any data...
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    Actual competition doesn't start until Saturday. They had a short livestream this evening kicking things off. Excited to follow along! The R1T was given a little air time in the kick off thing, cool to see it in action.
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    Environmental Concerns

    Funnily enough, I've heard of some studies that say moving away from fossil fuels would be worth it for the air quality benefits alone, and that adding the climate benefits too should make it a slam dunk.
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    Environmental Concerns

    I think this is one of those things that seems like a reasonable perspective on it's face, but the data really doesn't support it. Industrial wastes (full disclosure, I work in radiological waste) do not pose the near-term, climate destabilizing threat that CO2 does. We have a pretty good handle...
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    California Announces Ban on Sale of New Gasoline-Powered Passenger Vehicles Starting 2035

    Yep, so it's a good thing this goal is 14 years into the future then, right? Plenty of time for the market to figure it out. There is a growing body of research that is saying two things of relevance to the discussion here. Firstly, we have about ~15-20 years if we want to right the ship and...
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    Tesla Battery Day

    It's also worth considering whether we think that change will be a step change or incremental improvements ended up with the % gains listed. I think mentally most find missing out on the big step change harder to swallow than the smaller incremental gains, but I'd expect the change in real life...
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    RJ Interviewed on Bloomberg Live

    That's what I'm hoping.
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    Video: R1T Towing 11k lbs up high grades at 118º F -- Hot Weather Towing | Progress Report by Rivian

    Because Nikola engaged in willful deception to secure funding, and also happens to be publicly traded? Basically, Nikola's ethics have been called into question with some things that have come to light recently. Whereas, Rivian is maybe struggling with planning and communication. Those are...
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    RJ Interviewed on Bloomberg Live

    His comments got me thinking about what's preventing Rivian (or any other BEV manufacturer) from designing a vehicle where the rest of the vehicle can last as long as the battery? I know I'd be happier justifying such a large purchase if it can be amortized over more years/miles.
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    Video: R1T Towing 11k lbs up high grades at 118º F -- Hot Weather Towing | Progress Report by Rivian

    Sure everyone wants more transparency, but equating a delayed configurator to what's happening with Nikola seems hyperbolic.
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    2023 Ford F-150 EV Aiming for Big Power, Small Maintenance Costs

    One difference that I think would be hard to mod out of the F150 would be it's size. I know some folks complain about the lack of full sized bed in the Rivian, but I see a lot of advantages of a smaller truck in the places I want to go. Also, being able to park it in my small-ish garage is...
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    Reservations About My Reservation

    Based on the ubiquity of the "van life" movement, I bet there are a lot more than you'd think. Good "van life" rigs are easily in the price range of Rivian's lineup (with off the shelf solutions extending much higher), and go to any outdoor recreation hot spot and you'll see tons of them...
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    Anyone worried?

    All in! We recently went down to one car (fortunate to live somewhere where bikes/ebikes provide sufficient backup. Hoping to be a one car family from here onward.
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    Let's Compare Features CT vs Rivian. Keep it objective

    Sounds like a perfect bike/ebike use case to me.
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    Anyone worried?

    I get that, I just wonder if vehicles could be designed for extremely long lifespans, instead of being an afterthought? It seems like BEVs, with the smaller parts list, make this approach much more feasible, but I'm definitely just speculating and hoping. I'm seeing echos of this ethos and...
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    Anyone worried?

    Assuming the rest of the vehicle holds up, I would gladly pay for that $100 per kwh battery swap down the road. I love the idea of swapping batteries and using a vehicle indefinitely (a longevity-focused approach to vehicle design). Also, I'm expecting 15-20 years before even thinking about a...
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    Anyone worried?

    Honestly, I love the comms/PR, but I think I'm precisely the demographic they're targeting with it.
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    Anyone worried?

    I wonder if we'll see a market for third party "like for like" battery service/swaps emerge as the BEV market becomes more mature. To me, this is a huge advantage of BEVs over ICE vehicles. Assuming batteries are the limiting component, the idea of swapping/servicing the battery and getting...