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  1. Nano

    How to link your Rivian's live data to ABRP 5.0

    My R1S is the car of choice for all trips pretty much. I have nearly 15K miles in 9 months and I work from home!! We like to go places though so we are always out and about. I just calculated the fuel and oil change cost savings from the 4Runner it replaced and I am about $3200 cost savings so far.
  2. Nano

    TDK Solid State Battery announcement - probably one of the few honest, realistic announcements about SSBs

    Quantumscape is likely the furthest along for solid state batteries. They have independently tested their batteries and they are performing well. Now their challenge is can the manufacture at scale reliably which is what they are doing now is building manufacturing capacity. Volkswagen is a...
  3. Nano

    Beta: 2024.19 Software Update: Suspension, Visual Interface, Live Blind Spot Camera, Climate Control, OTA scheduling, Google Maps Improvements & More

    I’m hoping the PAAK improvements are for all iPhone 15 Pro’s. That is what I have and the last update definitely made the PAAK worse for me. I have had to take my phone out and physically unlock it on the app more than a few times now. I’m also hoping my garage icon pops up again when I get...
  4. Nano

    Wassym Confirms new features & upgrades for Gen 1 R1T / R1S -- Driver+, Ambient Lighting Themes

    Better suspension setting for R1S Gen 1 and blind spot monitoring camera and stereo improvements including Dolby Atmos with Spatial Audio coming. I love a car that keeps getting better the longer I own it.
  5. Nano

    Windshield Sunshade Options

    Darn it!!!!!! I like that better than Heatshield I just bought for twice the price!!
  6. Nano

    Next Batch of NACS Adapters Shipping to Rivian Owners!

    I’m a Sept 23 delivery R1S and a 19xxx vin. I was hoping to get the adapter maybe by the end of summer but now it looks like 18 months. Just ordered the A2Z adapter as insurance should I need it this summer. Supposed to arrive in 1-2 weeks. Found Wethrift15 discount code that gave me 15% off...
  7. Nano

    Windshield Sunshade Options

    I just bought one from Heatshield. Does a good job and rolls up easy. I don’t know how “compact” you want.
  8. Nano

    Official: 2025 R1T & R1S Refresh / Facelift (2nd Gen) Specs and Photos! Quad Motor gets 1,025 HP and 0-60 in 2.5 Seconds!!!

    I just built out my R1S Trimotor Ascent trim to as closely match my current quad motor set up. Biggest difference was the sunroof being adjustable to opaque and the 380 mile range. But 0-60 is almost the same. I was pre-price increase for my current R1S and all options came in at $82,000. New...
  9. Nano

    Motor Failure on Cross-Country Road Trip

    I’m sorry you had this whole event. Curious, is your R1S the Rivian Enduro motors or the quad Bosch? I love Rivian and wonder if they are having more issues with their new Enduro motors. Either way I’m glad they are doing the best they can for you.
  10. Nano

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    I put PPF on the piano black parts of the roof and rear hatch. I know from previous experience putting bins, lumber, etc they get scratched and piano black will show everything. Cost $600 at a local shop.
  11. Nano

    Q2 2024 will be "messy" says RJ. Confirms NACS adapters now shipping

    or never own a dumpster looking car that shows eyeball prints just looking at it!
  12. Nano

    Q2 2024 will be "messy" says RJ. Confirms NACS adapters now shipping

    The good news is RJ said the NACS adapters are shipping now. I look forward to seeing mine hopefully before year end? I am Vin 19XXX
  13. Nano

    Q2 2024 will be "messy" says RJ. Confirms NACS adapters now shipping

    Just broke. https://electrek.co/2024/05/30/rivian-rivn-warns-messy-q2-talks-r2-tesla-nacs/
  14. Nano

    One-Touch Garage Door Disappeared

    MIne disappeared after the last update as well as the overall system has been more buggy than the previous 9 months of ownership. I tried toggling off and on the garage setting and did an infotainment reset and still not showing up. Not a huge deal and I am waiting for the next update which I...
  15. Nano

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    @Polar used all of the cross bars and I only used half as many to keep the sunroof as clear as possible. I also had PPF installed on the sides and rear since I know bins, lumber, etc will slide there and with the piano black showing every scratch I didn't want that.
  16. Nano

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    I saw the ORR rack in person and it is noticeably taller than the Prinsu rack plus I have a hard time paying an extra $2K just because I drive a Rivian vs my 4Runner. I just returned from driving from Vancouver,WA to Bend, OR out and back for a meeting. I have the Prinsu rack and Megawatt Rock...
  17. Nano

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    I just did a 170 mile trip out and back each way with 4 guys and gear and lots of elevation change. The Rivian mileage prediction was pretty darn accurate and I arrived with maybe 4-5 miles more range than predicted when I started 3hrs before. That tells me this hasn’t affected range very much...
  18. Nano

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    It doesn’t bother me at all and I’ve got a lot of compliments on it. The wind noise is very minor as well and I’m sure I’m down in efficiency but can’t tell you how much since I also have the Megawatt sliders.