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  1. Gen(R3)Xer

    If you live in a stupid state, make sure you understand the process BEFORE you start an order

    Dude, this sucks. The dealership model needs to @&$# right off. They’re all part of the myriad of scams that are baked into our country from the housing market and internet service, to college tuition/student loans and streaming services. Rivian should have been more up front with you, but I...
  2. Gen(R3)Xer

    Biggest downgrade for Gen2 R1?

    There getting a lot of criticism over the large battery pack’s reduction in size. Some speculate it’s because they wanted a larger gap between the large and the max. Previously it wasn’t worth upgrading to the max for only 10kWh more. Now it’s like 30kWh.
  3. Gen(R3)Xer

    Jason Camissa's verdict on R1 Gen 2: Substantial update to a near-perfect vehicle

    I think one of his criticisms was that the ride quality still isn’t on par with a $100,000 luxury SUV (R1S), but it’s much improved over the previous generation. Tom from the State of Charge YouTube channel is a Rivian owner and he said he felt it’s gone from a D (Gen 1) to a B (Gen 2), but...
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    R1S lease residual values

    Here’s a thread from someone in April of this year. I’m sure the residual varies based on various factors, like the new lease deals, trim, etc. but it might give you some idea...
  5. Gen(R3)Xer

    Gen 2 R1 Delivery Waiting Room ⏳ Post Your Orders!

    I saw PPF get removed in a YouTube video and they inflated it like a balloon until it popped! It was weird. I’m imagining they’d use a heat gun and some sort of spray to get window tint off. I’m considering leasing an EV myself while I wait for the R3. Rivian said it would release soon after...
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    2023 R1T models now Lease rates starting at $494 /mo* !

    Yeah, maybe leasing is the way to go until things stabilize. I think one of the main concerns is how fast the battery tech is developing. Eventually the range will go up and the costs will come down, especially when battery materials can be recycled multiple times, unlike fossil fuels, which...
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    2023 R1T models now Lease rates starting at $494 /mo* !

    At least you can buy the lease out, if you want to. I don’t understand why Tesla doesn’t do this. They would sell way more vehicles if they did. Maybe this is why 72 and 84-month loans are so popular as long as you can get a decent interest rate. That’s what’s really killing auto sales across...
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    Gen 2 R1 Delivery Waiting Room ⏳ Post Your Orders!

    Every automaker is different, but you should be careful about modifying a lease vehicle. Is it possible to undo the ceramic tint without damaging the windows? There should be something about it in your lease agreement.
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    Gen 2 R1 Delivery Waiting Room ⏳ Post Your Orders!

    You might have a problem, or you might be helping an amazing company in its time of need, while getting to experience the evolution of its mind blowing products. Either way, keep doing what you’re doing as long as you can afford it and it doesn’t negatively impact your relationships. Scratch...
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    Price went up $8,150 for Gen2, am I missing something?

    There have been numerous updates to the Gen 2 R1s, including improved ride quality. Tom from the State of Charge and Batteries Included YouTube channels owns a Rivian and complained about the ride in the Gen 1, especially given the price. He says the Gen 2 is like going from a D (Gen 1) to a B...
  11. Gen(R3)Xer

    Spotted: Apple Watch As Key for Gen 2 Rivian! (I hope it works on G1, too!)

    Unfortunately that makes sense. If they could do it on an R1 vehicle they would have added it to the refresh.
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    How I Know Cybertruck Pre-Orders have TANKED on Sales

    I think they’re going down the entire reservation list to see who they can get to pay $100K - $120K for the Foundation series. Once they exhaust that list then they’ll start ramping up more and fulfill their other orders. Tesla is trying to make up for all of the money they spent on R&D, new...
  13. Gen(R3)Xer

    Official: 2025 R1T & R1S Refresh / Facelift (2nd Gen) Specs and Photos! Quad Motor gets 1,025 HP and 0-60 in 2.5 Seconds!!!

    The use of real wood, shape and quality of materials in the seats, and even the floor mats is outstanding. Combine that with the new UI and it’s a hell of a combo that really looks unique. I’ll be interested to see how much of this they can carry over to the R2 and R3.
  14. Gen(R3)Xer

    New Pics -- R1 Refresh Light Bar / Headlights / Frunk / Interior Lighting Themes!

    Watch one of the videos on YouTube. Then you can see the difference. It looks more like crystal vs. plastic. The light bar charging sequence is different and the headlight act more like a matrix headlight (not blinding others), as well as turning when the vehicle turns.
  15. Gen(R3)Xer

    Official: 2025 R1T & R1S Refresh / Facelift (2nd Gen) Specs and Photos! Quad Motor gets 1,025 HP and 0-60 in 2.5 Seconds!!!

    These refreshed R1s look amazing. Rivian has a fantastic sense of style and design inside and out. The new UI looks incredible as well. I love the vector style. I can’t wait until more affordable Rivians arrive in 2026 and beyond. Does anyone know if these refreshes qualify for the $7,500 tax...
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    Photos of R3X at Electrify Expo Today! 🚗⚡

    SHINY!!! 🤩✨ How many days until 2027? 😭
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    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    Ah, that’s true. I often wonder who’s buying this stolen copper and other precious metals? That person should be prosecuted along with the thief. In parts of Europe they actually carry their own cables to use public charging stations. I guess they thought ahead.
  18. Gen(R3)Xer

    Drilling hole in hood?

    I’m often fascinated by how smaller wheels and aero wheel covers can add so much more range, but it’s all physics in the end (smaller turning radiuses, less drag, etc.)
  19. Gen(R3)Xer

    Drilling hole in hood?

    This sounds like the best option, especially if you can remove it without damage.
  20. Gen(R3)Xer

    Sad world we live in (Houston charger cables being cut)

    I don’t understand why they don’t have cameras at each location. People don’t do this to gas stations because there are attendants and cameras. Plus the gasoline would probably leak out all over the place.