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  1. Hurricane evacuation - Rivian versus ICE truck

    EV's **love** moving slowly. I get some of my highest efficiencies while commuting in slow traffic. So I'd expect range above EPA. But running the A/C does draw extra power. I'd plan for 1-2KW per hour if it's hot. The Max pack is 140KW I believe, so at least 70 hours of running the aircon...
  2. Interesting EV Article

    Do not plan on being able to upgrade to a better battery, or motor, or inverter in a car you already own. The tech will get better, and later versions of all EVs will get the latest tech, but it'll never make sense - either to Rivian or to you - to retrofit an existing car. What if you had NOT...
  3. Meet Ol’ Greyg

    The perfect way to deal with Curly Jefferson
  4. For those with no spare or who have changed over…

    Yea, just hook it up to the exhaust pipe like the instructions say!
  5. Porche can sell you a car with 0-60 in 3.1 and a range of 233 miles for only $163,400K

    And I can confirm that the Taycan is a FANTASTIC car. The best EV currently being sold. The comfort and handling are unbelievably good. This from someone who drives a Taycan and a Rivian R1S and loves both cars. Also, because it's Porsche, that Taycan will do 0-60 faster than the specification...
  6. Trade in R1 for refresh? What would it take?

    As someone who loves the existing R1S, got early adopter pricing, and tends to keep cars for 8-10 years, it's highly unlikely that ANY change would cause me to trade up after less than a year. I hope and expect the refreshed R1S to have some really nice improvements, but I'll stick to what I've...
  7. I swear headlines these days.

    I'm with you. I remember a time when crafting a pithy news headline that accurately reflected the contents of the article was an art. Now the sole goal seems to be attention grabbing, at the expense of accuracy.
  8. I need solar EV charging system advice

    If you aren't able to integrate using open source stuff as above, which definitely works, there are a few vendors who can make it work if you buy their whole system. If you have Enphase solar, for example, you can add an Enphase IQ EVSE and get out of the box integration to do what you want...
  9. Any way to auto lock, unlock without the door handles constantly presenting?

    Very true, and in fact that's how I like it and what I should have said. On my other car, for example, you can touch a door handle, or touch the trunk open button, or waive a foot under the rear bumper or waive your hand over the frunk and it'll "just open" if you have the key on you, and it...
  10. My 1,400 mile California-Oregon road trip was gloriously uneventful

    It's true that I could have done the whole trip using RAN only, which would have been pretty cool and a bit less expensive than EA. But you gotta eat, and I ended up routing to EA locations twice simply because the food options were better. I've said it before: charging, restrooms, and...
  11. Any way to auto lock, unlock without the door handles constantly presenting?

    I 100% agree with the problem. Auto-unlock is great, but it's way too sensitive and unlocks even when you just walk by the car several feet away. I would GREATLY prefer if: a) The Rivian unlocked only when I was very close to the door - like 1-2 feet and b) didn't unlock when I only just quickly...
  12. This is why I no longer use the Rivian for Long Distance trips.

    Conterpoint: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/my-1-400-mile-california-oregon-road-trip-was-gloriously-uneventful.25400/
  13. My 1,400 mile California-Oregon road trip was gloriously uneventful

    My wife and I just completed a road trip from the San Francisco, CA bay region up the Highway 101 coast route to Oregon's wine country and back, around 1,400 total miles. The car routed us preferentially to RAN fast chargers, which we had largely to ourselves, plus to a few Electrify America...
  14. R3X Reveal Shocks Even More!!! 🤯

    Nix the ugly seats, and the orange mirrors, and then add fender flares like an old group-B rally car, and I'm in! And then if someone makes a Martini livery wrap for it, I might just faint.
  15. Over 68,000 R2 reservations in less than 24 hours so far

    If there are 68K reservations for the R2 to date, and 75% are existing R1 owners, then 51K existing Rivian owners put down a reservation. I think Rivian delivered around 80K R1s total, so almost 65% of R1 owners have reserved an R2?
  16. Electrify America unveils Indoor Flagship Charging Station (opened Feb 9, 2024)

    I visted the SF location last night at around 10PM. Nine cars charging, so plenty of availability. The location is very convenient, and I really liked the bright and open feel, the seating, and the bathrooms. For some reason, charging was free that night, so I got $42 worth of juice for $0, and...
  17. Seventh R2 teaser photo!

    The chrome is gone! Nice!
  18. Should I return to R1T......... and Trade in 2023 Tesla Model S to lease a new R1T

    ABT - anything but Tesla. If you can't get excited enough about an R1T or an R1S, try a Macan Ev Turbo to split the difference.
  19. Rear Camera Gunk?

    I have the same on mine, though far less of it. I suspect that it is washer fluid that has "mineralized" on evaporation. The crusty stuff does not want to come off with even moderate scrubbing, so I'll have to try something chemical (like vinegar) to remove it - staying well away from the camera...
  20. Kuat Piston Pro X hitch bike rack works great on R1S

    The round seven-pin female "socket" is standard, and that's all we get. The Kuat rack has a "four pin" connector, thus the need for a 7-to-four "round to square" adapter.