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  1. Rainman

    Currently driving from FL to CA

    Greetings Over the past three days we have driven just under 2000 miles - from Sarasota FL -> Albuquerque NM, and we are continuing on to Southern California and then north to Vancouver BC, Canada. 2023 R1T that I have had exactly one year (yesterday). The truck is very comfortable for long...
  2. Rainman

    First Tesla Supercharger experience: 217kw!

    I just stopped at my first Tesla Supercharger and I’m in awe. 217kw … plug and charge, absolutely seamless. I’m driving across the country next month and this will be a game changer.
  3. Rainman

    Service - a positive story

    I posted a coupe of months ago with the topic - Service is the weak link - as I had just come through a less than desirable service experience. I try to be balanced, so this is my story this month. I had a few issues with my '23 R1T so opened a service request for the Orlando SC and got an...
  4. Rainman

    Very pleased with my R1T

    There are a lot of posts about problems with vehicles, which I appreciate as it helps everyone learn and and look out for issues. i have had my R1T for almost three weeks now and the only issue I have found is an imperfectly installed piece of body molding. I keep waiting for other issues to...
  5. Rainman

    Changing my name in R1

    Has anyone changed their name in their R1? Before taking delivery I asked my Guide to change the first name on my account. She said she could do or right after I took delivery - fair enough. I took delivery on Friday and the change was made … however, only the app and my account are updated -...
  6. Rainman

    Home delivery eligible distance from service center?

    Does anyone happen to know the proximity to an SC for home delivery. My guide hasn't got back to me so I thought I would ask here. The web site simply says "where available". I'm in Sarasota FL - 137 miles from the Orlando SC.
  7. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    What a ride this has been ... I have been pondering an R1T for 18 months. Last Thursday night 5/11 I committed and made a reservation - today I got access to the R1 Shop and completed everything other than the delivery step ... I sure hope I don't sit and wait at this stage - though I do have a...