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  1. My Gen 2 R1S delivered review & recommendation! - for those on fence about Gen 1 vs Gen 2

    Exactly.....Unless things have changed on the warranty since I bought mine; the warranty is still valid if you charge to100 percent every day. Downside to the warranty is that it doesn't kick in until you have 25 percent degradation, obligation to repair stops at 75 percent (meaning after the fix).
  2. Battery degradation @ a year?! - hardly any, if at all (practically)

    Right before I traded my 2022 T on my new (demo) one I was curious about this. I ran the thing down to 1 percent and then charged to 100 over night (home charger). Truck said it took 124kw. Had 60,000 miles. I was stunned it was that good. I know latest info says it doesn't matter, but the thing...
  3. Battery Pack Sizes: How did the efficiency between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 change so much?

    They told Kyle Connor (who now has a gen 1 2024 dual S for testing) that it made no difference which gen he had as far as efficiency. He is preparing for another EV race. I want to see independent testing before I believe these small packs get the same range. I'm in Central Illinois and in...
  4. Test drove gen 2 R1S today (PDM, Max) -- Initial Pros & Cons Review

    Any chance you reset trip A and checked efficiency? I'm really suspect on the Rivian range estimates on Gen 2. Needs to be well over 3mi/kw on average to meet their estimates. Especially when they told Kyle C on the Gen 1 dual he has now (for some upcoming race) there would be no real difference.
  5. Anyone else still trying to figure out what 2025 configuration they want?

    I've heard it will qualify when Gotion starts delivering batteries, but, again, there is so much conflicting information around I don't think there is a reliable source.
  6. Anyone else still trying to figure out what 2025 configuration they want?

    Are you sure the current standard pack inventory is LFP? One of my neighbor employees said it won't be LFP until the Gotion battery plant in Manteno, IL comes on line this fall. I've been told a lot of conflicting information. And, supposedly, LFP doesn't hold a charge as well if left overnight...
  7. Increased tire noise from OEM Pirelli 20" ATs after 13k miles

    Mine are LT275/65R20. I had 40,000 miles on my first set (on my 1st R1T) and they still had 7/32 tread when I traded. I drive in mostly AP mode, but occasionally in Conserve (15 percent of miles) and never had any size issues. Tires are easily 15 percent more efficient in the winter and 10...
  8. Anyone else still trying to figure out what 2025 configuration they want?

    Color me intrigued by the 2025 LFP battery. Some conflicting information on the youtube vids, but I talked to a couple of Normal employees this morning (live in same subdivision). SUPPOSEDLY once the Gotion battery plant in Manteno, IL starts providing the LFP batteries (slated for...
  9. Should Rivian honor this request or am I in the wrong?

    I feel your pain here. It sounds familiar to when my first T was delivered with the power tonneau broke without my knowledge ahead of time. They gave me one of those IOUs saying it would be fixed "within two weeks". They never attempted to fix it, and 18 months after I paid for my PTC I got one...
  10. Official: 2025 R1T & R1S Refresh / Facelift (2nd Gen) Specs and Photos! Quad Motor gets 1,025 HP and 0-60 in 2.5 Seconds!!!

    According to vid I just watched "Rivian expects refreshed models to qualify for full tax credit". Maybe they meant LFP version. This is a new battery. Not sure where they are sourcing. Even if it ends up being $3750 it still is a strange pricing decision (IMO).
  11. Official: 2025 R1T & R1S Refresh / Facelift (2nd Gen) Specs and Photos! Quad Motor gets 1,025 HP and 0-60 in 2.5 Seconds!!!

    Rivian pricing continues to baffle me. Maybe I'm unusual (or did something wrong on the site), but why have what likely will be most popular S config (dual, large pack) start at $82,900? Just missing the $7500 tax credit. Force you into a lease where they subsidize the rate? Weird.
  12. Powered tonneau at delivery

    This.....don't pay for it if you are indifferent. Only problem with that option is if you want it later it won't be $500. $3,000 is more likely. On my first R1T I paid $1500 for PTC and it was 18 months getting it to work. Then traded it 2 months later and just put after market cover on it. Up...
  13. A2ZEV Tested at tesla charging stations.

    I used mine at 25 percent charge yesterday. Used the Tesla app to get the almost 20 percent off. I was getting 220 kw until 50 percent when it dropped to about 180. Then I ran into HyVee so didnt watch how fast it dropped after. When I got back I had 75 percent. Charge took 22 minutes. Battery...
  14. EV use can be more expensive than gas

    I drive 3,000 miles a month (Central Illinois) and almost exclusively charge at home. My TOTAL power bill I just got is $393. We run A/C 24/7 due to allergies and have a gas water heater. If I had my F150 that got 20mpg I would use 150 gallons of gas @ 3.50 is $525. Oh....we also have BMW X5...
  15. Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    😂😂 Most of the 12 minutes was the walk to and from. Prostate is ok.....so far. Tbh those jokes used to be funny. In last 60 days three of my friends diagnosed with prostate cancer😔
  16. Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    This......They can't void your warranty unless they can prove your after market adapter caused the issue. I ordered my A2Z three weeks ago and got it today. Ran to Tesla unit in Peoria and it worked like a charm. Went from 49 percent to 73 percent while I ran into HyVee to use the restroom...
  17. How are Used Prices on R1T Holding Up?

    I've spent over 20 years financing energy (bio fuels mostly with some oil & gas mixed in). You either mixed something up or need a new podcast 😉. I THINK what you may have confused is the Canadian oil sand with shale oil production. There is no difficulty refining oil from shale. There is...
  18. Tax on Cap Cost Reduction

    It might be still be $7500 on a lease too (I forgot). A good way to understand it is you are selling your tax credit to Rivian who is crediting it towards your lease purchase price. Transaction doesn't change the sale price; just the cash you need at closing (and your payment).
  19. Tax on Cap Cost Reduction

    This is complicated. If your Rivian's price was below $80,000 and you purchased the vehicle outright you could not have the $3750 tax credit applied at purchase and then claim it when you file your 2024 taxes. The lease loophole allows companies to offer the tax credit to customers as a purchase...