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  1. vandy1981

    Tri-Motor and Premium Trim added to R1 VIN database

    NHTSA Link: https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/mid/home/displayfile/bfee6ce1-2cef-44b4-90c8-1911ea3a5a5f Edit: Credit to u/St00k on reddit who posted about the Autoguide article.
  2. vandy1981

    Sixth R2 Teaser Posted!

    The sixth photo is posted...best view we've gotten if the rear thus far! Even more enhanced version by @Sparky_Z Enhanced: Original:
  3. vandy1981

    R2 Reveal Livestream Watch Party - March 7 @ 10 am PST!! -- NOW!! 😳 👀

    There are already 4 people logged in and waiting for the event to start, so best get in line!
  4. vandy1981

    Rivian Test Drive Event in Nashville 3/9/24, 11AM-3PM (Southern Grist Brewery-Nations Taproom)

    I question the optics of sponsoring a 'get behind the wheel' event at a brewery, but it looks like it could be fun if you live in the area. Edit: also interesting that they're using the R2 teaser for the advertisement. Maybe they'll be test driving the R2 🤣
  5. vandy1981

    R1 refresh prototypes spotted with new hardware?

    A photo of some wrapped R1's taken near Fairbanks, AK, was posted on Reddit. I'm guessing that they're testing new motors, batteries or thermal management features. There are at least a few changes that are evident on the exterior. The windshield ADAS cluster has an extra cutout and there's a...
  6. vandy1981

    Tennessee Announces NEVI Awards for Statewide Electric Vehicle Charging Stations -$21.4 million for 30 new locations

    This is great news for EV owners in the Southeast! I'm hoping their anticipated timeline is pessimistic because it says that construction on these stations won't start until 12/2024.
  7. vandy1981

    V4 Magic Docks Activated in Atlanta GA, Columbia SC and Prattville AL

    To my knowledge these are the first V4 Magic Docks to be activated. Importantly, V4 dispensers have longer cables which will work better with Rivians and other EVs without rear driver-side charging ports. Columbia, SC - Forest Drive (Plugshare) Prattville, AL (Plugshare) East Point, GA - North...
  8. vandy1981

    R2 Product Launch at Laguna Beach on March 7th!

    u/competerb posted on reddit that Rivian is seeking permission to use a public park for a launch event in Laguna Beach on March 7th. This could possibly be related to the R2 because the application references a worldwide product launch event. I guess it's also possible that this will be an...
  9. vandy1981

    What is the function of the socket on the R1S cargo tie down?

    Does anyone know what the the socket on the tie down is used for (circled in red below)? It looks like it should accept some sort of pin and appears to unlock when the button with the Rivian logo is pressed. It could be useful for attaching accessories like camp kitchens or slide out...
  10. vandy1981

    R1S compact spare now available for order.

    You need to call 855-RIVIAN5 to order. The list price is $778 but they will price match to $450 for pre-March 1st preorders. I had switched my pre-order from an R1T to an R1S but that was not flagged in their system. It's only available with mobile service installation with a variable fee. My...
  11. vandy1981

    Took Delivery of our R1S Performance Dual Motor Max Pack!

    We ordered it from the shop Wednesday 10/18 evening and we picked it up from the Franklin, TN, service center on Wednesday 10/25 afternoon. It replaces a Ford F150 Lightning Extended Range. We loved the truck, but needed something with more range that was smaller than a full-size truck and...
  12. vandy1981

    Max Pack Battery is now a filter criterion in R1 Shop

    I'm not sure if everyone is seeing this in their shop. I have an R1T Max Pack preorder.
  13. vandy1981

    Truck Stops Upgrade to Recharge Electric Vehicles (and Their Drivers)

    https://www.nytimes.com/2023/09/26/business/truck-stops-electric-vehicles.html My ideal road trip charging location is a truck stop with 24/7 amenities and easy navigation with a trailer. I'm glad that truck stop operators are seeing the advantage of a captive audience of EV drivers.
  14. vandy1981

    Multiple Dual Motor R1Ts available in the R1 Shop! (Delivery in 3-6 weeks)

    Edit: There's over 100 DM R1T's in my shop, starting at $70,000. I'm located near the Franklin TN service center and have pre-3/1 pricing.