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  1. How strong are the Rear seat hooks (case study)

    This is how strong. That's what happened in the hands of my 10 year old. I put him in the room with 3 bright lights, only a glass a water, a one way mirror, and he's not fessing up. He claims he has no idea how that happened. Perhaps I need a pet kid guard cabin camera. That will be $86.
  2. Highway potholes

    So I missed the first highway pothole @ 65MPH, and then the second one. .... and etc. etc. until I didn't (thanks, CA). My question: My R1T (AT 20s) clearly bottomed out the RHS suspension. Hard. Everything seems fine, the alignment same as it was before (as far as I can tell), the ATs have no...
  3. VW: Scout EV SUV and Pickup

    VW is reviving the Scout brand. They have ... a drawing! So ..... a smushed Rivian? Volkswagen Group to launch all-electric pick-up and rugged SUV in the United States -- Scoutevforum.com
  4. Fisker Ocean review: ouch

    To let you skip the long review: if you have any Rivian SW issues and bugs…. You don’t know how good you got it . Fisker: a sea of bugs, non operable features, and a UI from super Mario brothers. Reviewer liked the interior , I kept thinking it needs more for 75k, exterior good
  5. Spare tire in bed vs. under truck

    I didn't realize this until buying my spare (first time truck owner) ... that most -- or is it ALL except Rivian -- have the spare hanging out right under the bed facing the road: essentially, the spare is one big skid plate. I noticed even the Ford Lightning had a very weird, and large, metal...
  6. 3D Printer help: an oval 90º "L" bracket to fit over charge port light

    First world problems, I know, but: anyone out there have a solution, or a 3D print for a oval "L" bracket to fit over the charge port light (to shine it into the actual port). The idea is that one applies mirrored film on the inside, to shine the light on the actual port, instead of directly...
  7. How to report street speed limit errors

    So: Rivian Driver+ chose 35mph on a road (nav posted speed limit). It is 25 the entire way (map has the beginning and end at 25,) . Officer pulls me over, and I think because of the 2 well behaved kids in the back all I got was a warning and two Badge stickers! Very grateful. So: how do I report...
  8. Hertz to sell 1/3 of its EV fleet

    https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/hertz-sell-about-20000-evs-us-fleet-2024-01-11/ EV Stocks down, the market doesn't seem to understand *renting* an EV (in a random unknown place) just about skips every benefit of *owning* an EV ... also that Hertz bites, but that is purely...
  9. Charging issue with Tesla -> J1772

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone out there has had this problem, and how to fix: - My Rivian will not charge @ 40amps, the max amount (via din setting) in my Tesla wall charger (Gen 2) - It will choose 32amps when plugged in all by itself, BUT: my particular setup: - I have Two Gen 2 Tesla wall...
  10. Driver Under-seat pocket: reliable?

    I was perusing the user guide and found I have an under seat pocket. Yea! They say your can store registration in there, etc. I opened it and: while I get sunglasses, the gap in the back of this uncovered pivoting tray makes me think registration ... or crossbar keys... or anything small/flat...
  11. It fits!

    Brand new R1T Max pack, in the garage .