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    HUMMER EV Pickup first official look

    I think with the Hummer price points we can expect RIVIAN to push up their prices with Options,based on Battery to: $80k $90k $105k+
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    What If?

    I have to strongly agree with everything you said. Especially since “ the Virus ending is just around the corner”. I also think people making over $400k should pay lower taxes and the Corporate Tax should be lower Or maybe even eliminated.
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    Email update on Rivian Configurator, Financing, Brand Store

    I am not sure why some people are so upset by the delay in the Configurator. Other than curiosity no one needs to Configure until RIVIAN is ready to place the orders. They have already said what the base price ranges will be. The Options will obviously raise the price 10-20% max. If delivery...
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    Interior swatches - Black Mountain, Forest Edge, Lunar Rock

    What color interior is in the LA Auto Show Car? It’s hard to tell the real color because of the bright lights.
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    Roof Options - What is your preference?

    Thoughts on cost of Electrochromic Roof $7500 ??
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    Email update on Rivian Configurator, Financing, Brand Store

    The Language about the Configurator keeps changing. So now it looks like Dec 2020 which could easily slip to Feb 2021. I hope they are not going to announce Production delays again. I think everyone is anxious to see what the real cost with Options will be, exactly when Vehicles will be...
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    Reservations About My Reservation

    I received this note in response to my inquiry about delivery timelines and whether battery size dictated delivery dates. “ Your unique delivery timeline will be heavily influenced by your unique vehicle configuration-not solely limited to the battery size. You will receive a clearer picture of...