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  1. jollyroger

    Cybertrucks rolling off in Northern Virginia (McLean)

    (In my best Norm McDonnald voice) Or so the Tesla engineers would have you believe. I was just stirring the pot :rock:
  2. jollyroger

    R1T spotted.... interesting

    That's what you get when you use a voucher to lease an R1T
  3. jollyroger

    R2 Reservations List Tracker 📋

    Somehow missed this I just submitted. But I think I may be more interested in the R3. I like one big and one small vehicle.
  4. jollyroger

    Network outage caused trucks to go offline

    yes fixed it right away. seems like an odd coincidence though. No chance you just don’t have good connectivity where you are, or a local tower outage?
  5. jollyroger

    Network outage caused trucks to go offline

    That’s kinda weird I chatted with support last night and they told me to do the full reset, this text seems to imply a soft reset should be enough.
  6. jollyroger

    Lost all internet

    Mine started working this morning and now it’s offline again. Service last night said it was an LTE issue. Seems like it’s continuing. weirdly it seems like parts of the connectivity relies on LTE working it was parked all day with access to WiFi. But it only showed online when LTE was working...
  7. jollyroger

    Lost all internet

    I just noticed that I have no app to vehicle connectivity either. It’s charging but my app doesn’t show it. however mine should be on WiFi and I was able to see it connect on my router. I have a feeling this one is a different issue.
  8. jollyroger

    Odd Email from Rivian??

    I would call Rivian directly and ask them questions about it, It could be an unscrupulous attempt to part you with your money.
  9. jollyroger

    Cybertruck climbing Devil's Hot Tub and Hells Revenge @ Moab

    Hello, parking enforcement, you are not allowed to park here. Here’s your ticket
  10. jollyroger

    What Max Amperage to Consider for Home Charging? (40, 48, 80)

    Somethings not adding up here, a 14-50 is a 50 amp max plug, how did you get a 60 amp circuit on there, that said I think the Chargepoint limits to 40 amps of charging if using a plug, which is 80% of what the plug should be supporting. Chargepoint only goes up to 50 amps if it's hardwired...
  11. jollyroger

    SOC Creep Above Limit

    this is what I was thinking, lower temperatures reduce voltage and I believe that voltage is used to measure capacity as well. However, I’m not a battery engineer so I don’t know if such a variance would be expected.
  12. jollyroger

    Software Update 2023.42.0 is out (⚠️ UPDATE: OTA fix rolling out today 11/15/23)

    Based on some of the responses in this thread, it looks like the vehicle can still communicate with the app for several functions. Why would we not expect to be able to start the updated software to startable (is that a word) from the app? Or at least most of them.