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  1. Andystroh

    Thermal System Fault detected

    Received this error last night. It said to service if problem persists. We pulled over and it went away, then after driving again it returned. Getting towed to service center this morning. anyone experienced this? We had literally picked it up from the service center and hour prior to the...
  2. Andystroh

    Another White Rim trail trip report

    Hi folks, figured I would share some more details about driving the white rim road. There are a few posts out there that have shared their experience, so TL;DR: Mine is roughly in line with theirs. Photos at the bottom. Configuration: Quad motor R1T, 26k miles. Rooftop tent installed above bed...
  3. Andystroh

    Moonshade awning installed

    I wanted a shade solution that didn't have to live on our crossbars and was pretty versatile. What we decided to try was the Moonshade. What sold us was it has a bar that can attach at two points anywhere along the bar, so it can be wider than it's attachment points. We don't always have the...
  4. Andystroh

    Grand Junction, CO RAN station appears live

    I asked CS last week, and they told me the GJ RAN station was activated. I was skeptical but it now shows up in the app. I would imagine it is good to go. Don't think I'll pass by it in the next couple weeks but if I do i'll definitely stop by. Definitely looking forward to an alternative to the...
  5. Andystroh

    20" Blizzak LT winter usage summary

    Hi folks - just wanted to provide some details as I take off my winter tires for the season. These were the Blizzak LT 275/65 R20. Miles: 8760 Efficiency: 2.04 mi/kWh Tread wear: 3/32 (tread depth is now at 14/32, originally 17/32). I am pretty impressed that these did not wear down more...
  6. Andystroh

    Good news: Rivian will swap your snow tires back to stock tires (but for $300!)

    Bad news: they're charging $300! Has anyone else had this done? I am going to call to make sure we're on the same page but that is pretty outrageous.
  7. Andystroh

    RockyMounts AfterParty Hitch rack - installed photos & review

    Wanted to share some photos of the newer swingaway rack from RockyMounts. It fits the truck pretty well, since the swing arm is integrated it sits pretty close, but there is room for the pedal. There's two things I don't love about it: It takes longer to swing away than the Kuat arm, since you...
  8. Andystroh

    Secondary backup camera?

    So far we have avoided the bed-mounted rooftop tent when we are also taking mountain bikes, since a hitch-mounted bike rack + bed-mounted rooftop tent means no view out the back window or the rear view camera, and I don't really want to drive without either of those available. We have...
  9. Andystroh

    Crested Butte Rivian charger no longer free

    I could have missed this, but I had not read about anyone being charged for L2 Rivian charging yet. We skied at Crested Butte yesterday, and the charger near the ski area that was free last summer now costs money. It was $.25/kWh, with a $1 session fee. It is described in the Rivian app. Another...
  10. Andystroh

    Range estimates finally changing?

    For the first time this past week, I noticed that my range estimates in all purpose have started updating (referring to the "All purpose", "sport", and "conserve" 100% range estimates). They've slowly creeped up from 270 to to now about 280 - this is on 20" wheels. Interesting that it is...
  11. Andystroh

    1000 mile skiing, ice climbing and camping trip in R1T - interesting notes

    Wife and I just got back from ice climbing in Ouray, CO and skiing Silverton, monarch, and wolf creek. We did some camping at an RV park and quite a bit of winter driving. Driving: R1T continues to feel fantastic with winter tires. Still haven’t felt nervous on really any road, and we drove...
  12. Andystroh

    First winter overnight in the RTT on R1T

    Hi, just wanted to share our experience with the rooftop tent in the winter. We have an FSR high country series 55" softshell rooftop tent, with insulated walls (website description: 3 Layers of 150D Poly-Oxford with 60g/M2 Poly-fil). We largely picked this one to explore overnight trips in the...
  13. Andystroh

    Anyone driven a Rivian through the forbidden lands? [WY]

    Admittedly WY is a lot more accessible than a year or two ago. But the wife and I were considering a trip up to the northern WY/southern MT area for some skiing. The south-north crossing is still not favorable to EVs. There are like 3 'coming soon' EAs that would make this pretty easy, but we...
  14. Andystroh

    Rawlins, WY Electrify America station open?

    According to EA it looks like the Rawlins station is live: https://www.electrifyamerica.com/locate-charger/ This opens up Denver -> SLC via I-80 if you're willing to take the EA risk over some 200+ mile stretches. Who will be the first? We have family in Park City, we typically would take I-80...
  15. Andystroh

    Rivian is cutting it close on the range at arrival…

    There was a closer charger, but I thought it was funny rivian offered this route which has us arriving at a charger with 50ft of range! Didn’t even know they would do range in feet haha.
  16. Andystroh

    20” Blizzak snow tires installed

    Well with some snow in the forecast we decided to swap over to some 20” Blizzak LT snow tires. These are in the stock size, I think they are a few pounds heavier than the stock pirellis. Rivian would not install aftermarket tires so I had discount tire do it, I removed the panels to try to save...
  17. Andystroh

    Minimum gear / accessories required for off-road recovery?

    I’m sure this is a rabbit hole… but we found someone stuck last weekend and didn’t have any tools ( besides ourselves 💪) to use to get them out. We also couldn’t find a hard point on the rental vehicle but that’s another topic. I figure at a minimum I need a tow strap to pull someone out of a...
  18. Andystroh

    Rivian night sky photo

    Rivian posted my photo on social media, which I thought was pretty cool. Check it out here:
  19. Andystroh

    Drove the R1T up the Kingston Peak Trail

    I thought I’d share a few photos from the Kingston Peak trail in CO this weekend. I’m not much of an off-roader but it was fun and not too challenging in the R1T. We aired down to 35 PSI, it was a nice drive and we didn’t really see anyone else on the trail (we left pretty early)...
  20. Andystroh

    Incorrect tax calculation?

    I am far from an expert when it comes to taxes - but I am in the '8 steps' right now and the tax rate seems crazy high compared to what I am used to paying for cars. I live in an 'unincorporated' region within Jefferson County CO, and while my address typically includes 'Golden, CO', I am not in...