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  1. Solar Eclipse in Bloomington Southern Indiana.

    I went to Bloomington for the last eclipse and planning on going back or trying Indianapolis for this one. Planning on powering my telescope from the Rivian.
  2. Unable to Charge Level 1 or Level 2

    I think they are just following a playbook that addresses the most common issue, which is the Rivian wall charger or portable charger. They really need to update their playbook, but there are also various teams involved that don’t necessarily talk to each other. Once the charging team signs off...
  3. Unable to Charge Level 1 or Level 2

    Since it didn’t charge from ANY L2 charger, I had to have my vehicle’s onboard charger replaced.
  4. R1S Road Report: Chicago to Northern Michigan

    Would love more info on the cabin. I go up that way a lot and always looking for new places to stay.
  5. L2 Charging not working

    Same issue for me after one month ownership. Had to have my onboard charger replaced. SC said it’s not a common issue, but does happen. Also said nothing I did caused it. I think it’s a larger issue they are telling me.
  6. Unable to Charge Level 1 or Level 2

    Sharing my experience and wondering if others are also going through this (sorry for the long post).... I was going on vacation, so on Sept 14th I charged my 1 month old R1S to 85% on my newly installed Rivian home charger. All was good, so I unplugged it and went away for 10 days. Note that I...
  7. Motor Fault 8 days in. Service appt not available for 3 months :(

    I got it after 200mi and did a hard reset to get going again. Put in an incident, and haven’t heard back from CS and my incident disappeared in the app. Good news is I haven’t had the issue again. Now at 1000mi.
  8. Tour of new Rivian Spaces Chicago (Grand Opening 9/8-9/9)

    It was a good time and a lot of visitors brought their Rivian’s. Lots of prospective buyers asking owners and employees questions.
  9. Any other EV's with four motors?

    Drako GTE and Drako Dragon are both quad motors
  10. latest VIN for R1S

    I went straight to 8 steps, but interesting that it wasn't presented to me as this was my exact configuration. I had to pick it from the shop. Had I waited for my official vehicle, I'd still be waiting.
  11. latest VIN for R1S

    Selected an R1S from the shop on 7/17. Later noticed that the Vin was 0104XX, which seems to be a mid May build and was sitting in Normal for 2 months. According to my Guide: "The vehicles in the R1 Shop are available because of canceled orders. Your vehicle was in Normal because a previous...