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  1. Dual motor highway efficiency

    Can anybody on here who has a dual motor R1T on 21s give an approximation of the highway efficiency? I'm going to trade my quad on 20s, and trying to decide between a new dual motor or a slightly (under 10,000 miles) used quad from a dealer. Used quad is $10,000 cheaper. I've got 58,000 miles on...
  2. Sensors too sensitive?

    Anybody else having very sensitive sensors? In my case it is only on the passenger side. It picks up a six inch high pile of melting snow that might be 18 inches long, and the house when I am 15 feet from it. Left side is normal. Started a couple of weeks ago. Annoying more than anything.
  3. Optimal Battery Temperature for best performance?

    Now that I can see the battery and motor temps does anybody know the optimal temp for best performance? I thought Kyle Connor said 70 degrees for the battery, but not sure.