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    Cheap Gas vs Clean Air in a Post-Pandemic World

    Short answer is nothing changes.
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    Crude Oil

    I’m less likely to purchase a Rivian the lower oil goes because it’s demolishing the economy and therefore my ability to write checks for expensive toys.
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    That’s what I’m talking about. Same thing but in Louisiana. We will probably build a platform that riders and sit on and shot off of. Also considering a thermal on the roof that we can remote control from the inside the cab for when it is cold . And yes, dark grey is my color too if it’s an option.
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    I chose not to do a poll here because I’d like for people to not be confined to only a few answers. I’m very curious as to the different reasons members here have chosen to buy a Rivian or are at least seriously considering it? I’ll go first and say that in Feb of 19 my cousin sent me a link...