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  1. LoneStar

    I'll say it... Driver+ getting worse, not better

    What gives with Driver+ lately? Am I the only one that thinks the behavior got worse the past few OTA updates? It's always been rather finicky and often frustratingly inconsistent. But recently the "Keep Hands On Wheel" sensor/sensitivity has gone haywire basically. Time and time again...
  2. LoneStar

    Mobile Service Tire Rotation a good deal at $60!

    Recommend using Rivian Mobile services for doing a tires rotation job for only $60 bucks. Cool to see a Mobile van upclose. Could envision a future Sprinter van competitor (if it had twice the battery pack). Captured a couple aftermarket items he said were marketed for Tesla but work fine on...
  3. LoneStar

    So what does “All Fog” lights do?

    Just noticed the top setting on the lights stalk has “All Fog.” What illuminates that isnt with + Fog below? Wonder if thats meant for (future) Euro sales where rear fogs are legal. Those bright reverse lamps would be very illuminating to drivers behind - as in blinding! Do the lights alter...
  4. LoneStar

    ‘Moderate’ Ride is the R1S’ Goldilocks

    R1S is finally a well-sorted, planted ride with excellent roll control and dampening. Pushed it hard up to 60mph on unimproved access road and it felt almost “trophy truck” cushy the way it absorbed without harshness. Happy camper! :clap:
  5. LoneStar

    AITO M9 from Huawei Six-seater Luxury SUV in pure EV or ICE-RangeXtender

    Came across this in a social media feed. I know the "ultra-luxury" SUV market is not Rivian's playground. But watching the overview makes one appreciate what the Chinese automakers can produce - and wonder what might emerge for an offroad focused adventure Truck/SUV EV, esp. with a small...
  6. LoneStar

    Saw CT in UTC Tesla Store

    It has a ‘presence’ that’s for sure.
  7. LoneStar

    Driver’s Display changing left-side view?

    Expect answer will lead to a facepalm but the UI e-manual is useless. How do you switch between option views on driver’s display? I “magically” got my tire pressures to show with zero intent to do it. Trying to return to the hazy navigation augmentation.
  8. LoneStar

    >2,300 mi. Towing DWELLER Trailer w/ R1S

    Wrapped-up my first experience towing the OBi DWELLER D15 adventure trailer with my R1S. Some quick facts: 5,070 lbs Dry-wt 6,405 lbs GVWR No WDH (explained) 90% of cargo in R1S 2,331 miles traveled 48 MPH Avg speed 49 Hours traveling Solo (driver-only) 1.13 Mile/kWhr 60-90 miles between...
  9. LoneStar

    Deleting old phone pairing

    Why is something that should be easy and self-evident not the case here … ? How do you remove a prior phone pairing, especially if it was ‘keyed’ ? Tried in the Drivers and Keys interface and within the Connect - Bluetooth. Neither had an obvious Remove or Delete functionality I could find.
  10. LoneStar

    R1S is workplace distraction :-)

    I love this view outside my office window. It does distract me often as I gaze and daydream about get-aways. point of note: employer provides no-cost charging stations to incentivize EVs. Great perk!
  11. LoneStar

    Auto-switch to Camera View when Proximity Sensors activate?

    Had my R1 a couple of weeks now. Parking at work can be cramped with many tree-islands and lamp posts throughout the parking lot. I tend to park front-end in, so I'm pulling in without having to put it into reverse. After a few repeats into the same spot I realized that I have to stop short...
  12. LoneStar

    Is this ChargePoint rate pretty decent?

    Week 1 of new R1S ownership. Condo shared garage has ChargePoint level 2 stations. They are not public and require a “subscription code” provided to residents. Did first charge with it last night (started around 30% SoC). Was pleasantly surprised at the final bill especially given the complex...
  13. LoneStar

    Q2 Delivery Estimate Update Stats

    Planting a seed thread for the pending 2nd Qtr. Delivery Window updates many of us are anxiously awaiting. Thought it would be useful to make it a Poll so that you can both post to comment on how the update affected you personally and contribute to a wider assessment of trends. Using this USA...
  14. LoneStar

    RAM 1500 REV Truck with 500 Miles Range

    Ram 1500 REV Specs Released! Up to 500 Miles Range, 654 HP/ 620 lb-ft, 14,000 LBS Towing, 2,700 LBS Payload @ sister-site Ram1500RevolutionForum
  15. LoneStar

    Will switching R1S to R1T cut delivery time significantly?

    Reserved R1S in January this year, so beat the price hike fortunately. Got a timeline of "2024" last month. Not exactly informative in terms of when in 2024... I mean they could at least guestimate the first or second half you'd think.... I'd be happy getting the R1T (again) if it would...
  16. LoneStar

    California Selling Ironman4x4 Nomad Hardshell RTT + Rivian bars SOLD

    Selling a brand new, 1-time used Ironman 4x4 Nomad 1300 rooftop tent including a set of Rivian crossbars. Literally a plug-n-play setup for your R1T. Bars wrapped with rubber isolation pads at brackets to reduce damage and vibration. Special keyed nuts used to deter thievery. Also a 1.5" thick...
  17. LoneStar

    FS_Ironman Nomad Hardshell Rooftop Tent with Rivian Bars SOLD

    Selling a brand new, 1-time used Ironman 4x4 Nomad 1300 rooftop tent including a set of Rivian crossbars. Literally a plug-n-play setup for your R1T. Bars wrapped with rubber isolation pads at brackets to reduce damage and vibration. Special keyed nuts used to deter thievery. Also a 1.5"...
  18. LoneStar

    Starred Gear Guard video clips - How to?

    UI for dummies question here... in the Gear Guard interface there are three categories: Alarm, ___, and Starred (can't recall the middle specific term). The whole concept of the Starred clips is obviously to select and preserve them. But damned if I can figure out HOW to Star a clip. There...
  19. LoneStar

    Affordable Gear Tunnel Cases / Bins

    This "launch green" colored storage case caught my eye in Home Depot. It looked a good fit for the gear tunnel. Bought a pair to check how they'd fit. Ends up they work great. The 30" wide cases fit the gear tunnel 60-in. width nice & snug. The height also fits the Frunk nicely with lots of...
  20. LoneStar

    Ironman 4x4 Nomad 1300 ABS shell 2-man tent installed look

    Good quality for a reasonable price. Installs easily. Fits the R1T bed size almost ideally.