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  1. Cre8vtv

    Rivian “Largest cash incinerator”

    Not concerned when you have consumers saying this...
  2. Cre8vtv

    Rivian scores BIG in Consumer Reports! #1 on List of "Owner Satisfaction by Brand"

    Imagine our surprise to see March Consumer Reports. We owners apparently have good taste and passion for our trucks! : ) Read the article if you can grab a copy as Rivian lands in top spot throughout many different areas of research...
  3. Cre8vtv

    CO to CA (1100+ Miles) with R1T & ABRP was a painless, truly enjoyable trek!

    INDEED! Yes, we used the EA APP 100%. That's what made it so easy IMO.
  4. Cre8vtv

    CO to CA (1100+ Miles) with R1T & ABRP was a painless, truly enjoyable trek!

    I'm sure you'll do fine. We didn't encounter any wait times. Could be because Teslas are using their network. Our stops were as follows: Silverthorne EA / Grand Junction RAN / Green River EA / Vegas EA / Barstow RAN .... arrived in San Clemente with 60 miles to spare. : )
  5. Cre8vtv

    CO to CA (1100+ Miles) with R1T & ABRP was a painless, truly enjoyable trek!

    Thank you. Yes, I forgot to mention, we were in conserve mode and I did let the truck drive some about 50% of the time on the straightaways. Kept my hand on the wheel, but pretty amazing tech. As far as Green River, I'd agree. I'd read that the coffee shop was supposed to be a great...
  6. Cre8vtv

    Rivian Quality - Two Genuine Questions

    I think the KEY thing to remember is that this forum is where owners discuss issues, and thus, that's what you see here. Not may who are completely happy log on to chat up why they are happy. I too had concerns but must share that we've had ZERO issues thus far. My R1T is in the 11k SN area...
  7. Cre8vtv

    CO to CA (1100+ Miles) with R1T & ABRP was a painless, truly enjoyable trek!

    We recently took a two day venture from Denver to Southern California with our R1T. Like some others, I was very concerned I'd encounter charging issues or other along the way, so we prepared ourselves mentally for whatever happened, we'd deal with it. WHAT HAPPENED was a painless, truly...
  8. Cre8vtv

    Squirrely when making lane changes

    If you don't use your turn signal and lane asst is active, the car will fight you a little to stay in the lane. It feels like what you described. As my wife tells me... "Finally, something that teaches you to use your signal!" Ha!
  9. Cre8vtv

    Colorado 5280 RIVIAN owners and wannabes

    Getting her ready for a 1000 mile adventure out west for some beach visits. So far I'm impressed with the route planning the ABRP is suggesting. I'll report how it all goes along the way. Lets keep growing this great Colorado group.
  10. Colorado 5280 RIVIAN owners and wannabes

    Colorado 5280 RIVIAN owners and wannabes

    Welcome all owners and wannabes! NO rude or inappropriate content allowed.
  11. Cre8vtv

    Nevada 2022 R1T Adventure Limestone / Ocean Coast 22" Brights

    Love this combo. Looks like I missed this one by a week or two. Bummer! : (
  12. Cre8vtv

    Colorado FOUND - WTB: R1T Limestone / Ocean Coast

    Hello, I'm interested in finding a low mileage (under 6k) R1T Adventure or Launch. Spend depends on the options included. Not in a rush to find the right match preferably between CO & CA areas. My gratitude!