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  1. Tr4ckD4ys

    Where is that Update! Or at least any news around it…

    Ok I’ll be honest and entitled: I’m pretty bummed at this point with how Rivian is handling the latest update. Despite announcements on new Gen there has been no info on when to expect the next software version and what it would entail. The announcement of the new Gen itself opened up more...
  2. Tr4ckD4ys

    OK to drive after hard reset?

    Quick question, as I’m finding myself in a bit of a pickle: is it ok to drive the truck after a hard reset once the infotainment et cetera has booted up again? I know we’re not supposed to reset again for at least an hour - but what about driving it?
  3. Tr4ckD4ys

    Rivian Clubs of America Email

    Thought I’d post this here. Not sure who’s the special secret guest but I thought if it’s a Rivian official, it might be worth tuning in. Email screenshot below and link to YouTube livestream here: Livestream
  4. Tr4ckD4ys

    Moisture in DC port?

    This should be a quick one, but wanted to double check so I don’t go crazy. I found a little moisture (we’re talking 4-5 drops of water) in the DC port (the flat thing with the two pins, below the round thing) of my charging port. I’ve ignored it so far, however, is this: A) Concerning? I...
  5. Tr4ckD4ys

    Chances for discounted pricing?

    With everything happening in the EV market right now, what are the chances that Rivian is going to follow suit on Tesla, Lucid et cetera and lower its entry level prices for the R1T and R1S over the next few months?
  6. Tr4ckD4ys

    Totally modded out…

    Saw this on cars.com just now… crazy! Wondering if it was someone on here! https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/67f1db84-d4eb-41b2-b809-a8ddaffec8fd/
  7. Tr4ckD4ys

    Pretty (subjectively) expensive vehicle this R1T (but happily bought it anyway)

    Was originally in the market for a new Ford Raptor or RAM TRX but had a change of heart after doing the usual research and reading and thought "Why not? This could be fun..." To be clear, the R1T, fully loaded, comes in at the same or higher price than both of these other vehicles (not a fair...