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  1. wrightwood

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    That's excellent news. I just got the update last night, so haven't had a chance to properly study the effect on vampire drain, but I have already observed that the truck is more often sleeping than previously when I check it in the app, so I'm feeling optimistic.
  2. wrightwood

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Here are the things I have tried so far to no avail: turned off Gear Guard turned off proximity locking disabled Bluetooth access for the Rivian mobile app removed camp speaker deleted the phone as a key put it in Camp Mode (remain off) put the key fob in a faraday bag took the key fob 2000...
  3. wrightwood

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    I returned after a 9 day trip to find a 36% loss in state of charge! It was parked in my driveway with proximity lock and gear guard off. I even took my key fob with me in case that was the culprit. I also put it in Camp Mode (keep off), but that didn't seem to stop the drain. I now have a...
  4. wrightwood

    Carice handbuilt electric sports car

    I forgot to add that it's estimated price is about $47,000. i'll add that to the original post.
  5. wrightwood

    Carice handbuilt electric sports car

    I know this is basically the antithesis of the Rivian, but I kinda want one. 1300 lbs 56 hp 31.5 kwh battery 186 mile range low tech / no screens - just switches and dials estimated price is about $47,000 Practical? No. But seems like a fun throwback runabout to have in the stable...
  6. wrightwood

    Charging in Mammoth Lakes, CA

    @Glongo That last pic looks like a J1772 plug if I'm not mistaken. Is that in service?
  7. wrightwood

    navigation system the worst there is.

    FWIW, I'm pretty happy with the nav in the Los Angeles metro. It probably varies widely in accuracy in different regions. I would probably prefer Google maps, but they have taken me off a freeway just to get back on again several times, so the Rivian nav should lose no points there. The...
  8. wrightwood

    What is the highest DCFC cost you've seen?

    That $2/kWh rate seems to be standard at dealerships. The Rivian nav directed me to this station in a Mercedes dealership, but when I got near I looked it up on Chargepoint and was floored by the price. Gas is a lot cheaper. I suspect they're trying to deter the public so they can keep them free...
  9. wrightwood

    Newbie question about responsiveness in accelerating/decelerating

    One peddle driving is a good thing when you get used to it. But if you really hate it, put it in Snow mode and the regen goes to the lowest setting.
  10. wrightwood

    Please help me make final choice on my pre price-hike config

    Yeah, I'm not betting on widespread Tesla charging access anytime soon.
  11. wrightwood

    Please help me make final choice on my pre price-hike config

    Dual Max 20 - cause that's what I got. :) But seriously, I'm hoping the 20 AT will mean I don't have to change the tires for snow (or anything). And from what I've read, the ride is nicer on the 20s. Color is subjective. If black was free, I would have chosen that, but I personally don't...
  12. wrightwood

    Daily Car battery discharge

    I've experience the vampire drain as well - about 6-10 miles per day. Turned off proximity locking and gear guard, but it didn't help much Turned off bluetooth access for the Rivian app, and that helped a little I now suspect the fob is the culprit, because the truck detects the key even 100...
  13. wrightwood

    Questions after test drive, current owners please help!

    Kneel helps my kids get in and out more easily. Running boards may help, but maybe awkward for older folks. If your wife likes the X7 best, have you considered the iX? The ride in the Rivian is definitely not as refined as a BMW or a Volvo. If that's the highest priority, I would probably stick...
  14. wrightwood

    Gear guard cable won’t lock/unlock

    @bike123.com Ah, I see. Thank you!
  15. wrightwood

    Gear guard cable won’t lock/unlock

    @bike123.com I was just wondering if you could elaborate on your setup. I'm having a hard time picturing: "We keep a padlock and a looped inner tube on each crossbar mount for bikes and other gear. We also gave looped cables around bikes and slammed the ends in tailgate and tunnel doors."
  16. wrightwood

    Gear guard cable won’t lock/unlock

    Thanks for this input. Sounds like you're saying it's pointless to care about this feature not working. Can you clarify what you mean by
  17. wrightwood

    Software Update 2023.46.0 is rolling out

    I had to change my vote to minor issues. At first all seemed fine, did a test drive around the block, and all was well. Had to run an errand a few hours later, however, and found that the camera screen was not showing video from any of the cameras. Parked and exited the vehicle, then 15 minutes...
  18. wrightwood

    Gear guard cable won’t lock/unlock

    Thanks. That sounds like my situation and your failsafe solution sounds reasonable.
  19. wrightwood

    Gear guard cable won’t lock/unlock

    Am I the only one having issues with the gear guard cable? When my truck was delivered, it stopped working right away. Wouldn’t lock the cable in the port on locking the truck. Mobile service fixed it and it was working when they left. A few days later tried it and it doesn’t work again. Now...