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  1. evhelphub

    Test drove gen 2 R1S today (PDM, Max) -- Initial Pros & Cons Review

    Got to take the gen 2 R1S out on a 15 minute test drive. As a previous quad motor R1T owner, I wanted to share some thoughts on some of the positive and some things that were a bit of a bummer. Good stuff: Motor whine is essentially gone and you can really only hear it when you open the...
  2. evhelphub

    Rivian to get another $827m from Illinois to expand plant

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/rivian-receive-827m-illinois-state-183000774.html "The funds from the incentive package will go towards expansion of the plant, improvements in public infrastructure and job training programs for Rivian’s workforce, leading up to the company’s production of its...
  3. evhelphub

    Rivian temporarily pausing R1 configurator due to production line shutdown

    Just got this email. I still believe the line shutdown will result in a materially different refreshed R1 platform, which is why Rivian is changing pre-order holders to vouchers, because trims/options aren't going to line up anymore.
  4. evhelphub

    Rivian's "In Case of Adventure" t-shirt is very comfortable/soft

    My girlfriend ordered me a Rivian beanie for Valentine's Day. Well, for some reason, Rivian sent her this shirt instead: https://rivian.com/gear-shop/p/mens-adventure-t-shirt?sku=AP000166GRA005 At first she thought about sending it back, but since it was my size, I tried it on. Wow - this...
  5. evhelphub

    Rivian CPDO out. RJ to now directly oversee product development (including quality & reliability)

    https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/rivian-ceo-assumes-direct-responsibility-product-functions-2023-11-20/ CPDO Nick Kalayjian (former Tesla VP) is transitioning to a lesser role and will be out in 2024. RJ Scaringe will now directly oversee product development, including the...
  6. evhelphub

    Rivian asking for order holder configuration feedback

    Received an email from Rivian today to take a survey to provide why I haven't configured my order yet. Very smart move! I'm personally waiting on the auto tonneau cover. If you get this, please fill it out and hopefully Rivian gets a lot of great feedback.
  7. evhelphub

    Austin Space (showroom) making progress

    Drove by the registered address for the Austin showroom and it looks like they finally have some Rivian-based signage up, albeit temporary. For those of you unaware, it is located on Congress Ave in downtown, right next to the Yeti store. I was told last year around September that it was...
  8. evhelphub

    Car and Driver test review: Dual Motor Rivian has similar highway range results as quad

    Finally, an article that talks about more than just speed! Mentions highway range test and cabin noise. Tested: 2023 Rivian R1T Dual-Motor Performance Doesn't Sacrifice Much Although less powerful than the Quad-Motor, the R1T Dual-Motor still provides neck-snapping acceleration; composed...
  9. evhelphub

    Lucid misses Q2 delivery estimates quite badly, stock tanks

    I don't think they are going to make it to the Gravity launch at this rate. Q2 saw 1,404 deliveries vs 2,000 expected. https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/12/lucid-lcid-q2-2023-production-and-deliveries.html
  10. evhelphub

    Ford/Tesla Deal: Access to Superchargers, adapter coming, future EVs will have NACS (Tesla) port

    Just announced by the Ford CEO on Twitter. Early 2024 - Adapter coming to allow current Ford EVs to charge at V3 Tesla superchargers, including some software integration. 2025 - they are switching to NACS and the physical port Tesla uses on its customer vehicles. EDIT: no one actually knows...
  11. evhelphub

    Review From Former Owner & Future Owner + What I Want in R1.2

    For current owners, those who have a second order or are waiting on their initial pre-order: curious to get your thoughts on what changes and improvements you'd like to specifically see to the R1 platform of vehicles. Here are my thoughts. *This is an incredibly long post, but I hope is helpful...
  12. evhelphub

    Rivian Adventure Network: What's been your experience so far?

    I do not want to jinx anything, but every other owner I've met personally at the sites (a handful), no one has experienced any issues with reliability or speed. Seeing if that is the typical case. Rivian might be hitting this one out of the park. Figured the feedback would be helpful for other...
  13. evhelphub

    Does your suspension randomly raise after being parked [Kneel Mode OFF]?

    When I drive in standard ride height, I notice that my suspension sometimes lowers and the first few minutes I'm driving it stays in a lowered state until I stop at a light for a couple of minutes and then randomly it'll raise to the correct height (some times this is a "smooth raise" and some...
  14. evhelphub

    R1T's range is so impressive, even on 20" tires. Averaged 2.38 mi/kWh on 400 mile road trip

    Took an R1T out on a road trip today, almost 400 miles total. Pouring rain, blasting the AC. This one has 20 inch all terrians. I had it in conserve mode on the lowest suspension setting the entire time, driving almost exclusively on the highway between 70-80 mph. This thing is so impressive. I...
  15. evhelphub

    R1T Service Experience UPDATE 11-18-22

    Thoughts on service so far: The bad: it took a month to get in (service center is 10 miles away just as an fyi). Every ticket I put in the app prompted a call and discussion from Rivian's central service team. I really appreciated this. WOW, what a difference compared to Tesla. They...
  16. evhelphub

    First 7 Days: a Lot of Good & Not So Good + Questions on potential issues

    Took delivery last week, wanted to give some thoughts, but also ask about some potential issues I am having to see if others have had similar/good luck fixing them. This is my fouth EV (2 teslas, and a VW ID4 so I have lived that CCS life for a while now). For reference: Ocean Coast, 21s with...
  17. evhelphub

    Rivian updates website: Two 12v outlets now (none in frunk) for R1T

    In case there was any doubt. My 119xx VIN did not have the frunk 12v outlet and it looks like they won't moving forward. No big deal for me personally I would have never used it but hopefully not too disappointing for others. I did not spot any additional changes to the text on the R1T landing...