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  1. Calisoulla

    Anyone have a R1S 20" All-Terrain dark wheel for sale new/semi used

    looking to add a full size spare I know a lot of people are buying new wheels if anyone has one they are looking to sell I am interested "rim with tire preferably" rim is ok as well I'm in the Las Vegas area just thought I would ask thanks in advance
  2. Calisoulla

    Solar charging while camping? "thoughts"

    went camping this weekend and just thought to my self that Rivian should make a connection to be able to hook up a solar panel so you can charge up a bit for extended camping trips has anyone done this? maybe with a redarc bcdc?
  3. Calisoulla

    Rivian home wall charger only charging my R1S when key fob Is in proximity and phone app is closed

    Hello all, I hope all is well I received my R1S on 10/18/23 has been a amazing experience and loving my R1S only thing is ever since I have taken delivery I have had issues trying to charge it my first charge was at a super charger and everything went smoothly from 20% to 70% no issue a day...