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  1. godfodder0901

    R1s are a Little Chatty...

    I've been looking through my DNS sinkhole logs for the R1T. There are a few more entries than I thought that have been filtered. Specifically: events.mapbox.com (obviously uses MapBox services, so makes sense) device-metrics-us-2.amazon.com firebaselogging.googleapis.com sessions.bugsnag.com...
  2. godfodder0901

    Kia EV9 Pickup?

    Complete trash site (HotCars) but I found this humorous: Move Over Rivian, The Kia EV9 Pickup Truck Is The New Kid In Town Story by David O'Callaghan • 6h ago Move Over Rivian, The Kia EV9 Pickup Truck Is The New Kid In Town© Provided by HotCars Electric SUVs are becoming more common and...
  3. godfodder0901

    All Screens Completely Dark

    This morning the truck decided it didn't want to play. Everything seems to work as expected except the screens. All three screens are totally dark. Infotainment reset did not help. Full vehicle reset did not help. Sleep cycle did not help. I have a ticket in but was wondering if anyone...
  4. godfodder0901

    Rivian Hires James Philbin as VP of Autonomy and AI

    https://www.linkedin.com/posts/rivian_rivian-adventurousforever-leadership-activity-6987913224402739200-uBBv?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android Today, we welcome James Philbin to Rivian as VP of Autonomy & AI. James brings significant experience and expertise from across multiple...
  5. godfodder0901

    Spigen GLAStR tempered glass screen protector now available

    Only for the infotainment screen, but it's a start. https://www.spigen.com/collections/auto-screen-protector/products/rivian-r1t-r1s-screen-protector-glas-trslim-15-6agr-1p?variant=41138861998127 Edit: ~$30 on Amazon, thanks @kurtlikevonnegut
  6. godfodder0901

    This is what an R1 hood looks like when it opens on the freeway...

    Carrier was bringing my truck to the Bellevue SC for maintenance. He texted me and asked if I saw the hood had opened...
  7. godfodder0901

    Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) has a Rivian!

    I was watching the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, as he had Nathan Fillion on. About 12 min in they start talking about electric vehicles and Michael mentions that he just got one. Not much about it, but he loves it. Nathan Fillion on Potential Reboots, Castle Burnout, The...
  8. godfodder0901

    New Gear Guard Video Catches Expensive Crash Involving Mclaren!

    Saw this interesting video today. Immediately knew from the screen cap what I was looking at: Honda Runs Red Light Hitting Mclaren 570S - ViralHog
  9. godfodder0901

    I have some serious phantom... GAIN?!?!

    Woke up this morning to a vehicle at 70% SoC with an estimated range of 546 miles... I unplugged, and the range kept increasing to 556 miles at 70% SoC... I have since dropped to 69% SoC and range decreased increased!? to 561 miles!!
  10. godfodder0901

    PSA: Phone-as-a-Key Security Issue

    I know many of us work in locations where we can't bring our phones into our work sites. We lock our phones in our vehicles during the day, and many of us also have Phone-as-a-key and proximity unlock enabled. If you do this, the vehicle will randomly unlock itself several times a day, making...
  11. godfodder0901

    Homemade front license plate mount for tow hook

    I know this isn't a largely beneficial post given that the SnapPlate is available, but here is my homemade front plate mount. I used these brackets: Motorcycle Mounting Bracket 2Pcs... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0824JR9PX/
  12. godfodder0901

    Rivian in Good2Go

    I tried to add my truck to my Good 2 Go account the other day before I took my parents back to the airport. Turns out, Rivian isn't a recognized manufacturer yet... Good news is that I CAN add my 'BYTOM' [sic] ...
  13. godfodder0901

    Washer Fluid Reminds Me of Something...

    Anyone know what type/brand of washer fluid these vehicles use? I think this is it, but I could be wrong... LISTERINE® Antiseptic Mouthwash ORIGINAL | LISTERINE® Owners who have used the washer, am I close?
  14. godfodder0901

    Potential for Prox Keyfob...

    As a short disclaimer, I make no claim to be an EE, and I don't deal with embedded systems. But I was curious about the FOB, based on the language in the settings page that has been discussed here, so I took it apart. I'll post pictures when I can. The FOB has, what appears to be, a Texas...
  15. godfodder0901

    Gear Guard Icon changes expressions

    Just noticed that the Gear Guard icon changes expressions based on being selected...
  16. godfodder0901

    Ask us Rivian R1T owners ANYTHING [AMA]!

    I figured since there are a few new owners in here, we may want a place where you can ask your questions about the R1T directly to owners. I'm sure @timesinks, @JDMD, and soon @bowhunter and I would be happy to answer what we can! Also, it may be easier to read this thread if we stick to...
  17. godfodder0901

    3rd Member Delivery!

    I think this makes the 3rd delivery to a member here after @AdamL and @JDMD!!!!!
  18. godfodder0901

    It Is happening!!!! My R1T delivery in 4-6 weeks!

    I just (like literally 2 min. ago) got off the phone with my Guide. You aren't going to believe me, but he said there is a truck in the plant right now with my name on it! He isn't exactly sure what stage it is in, but he is going to try and hunt it down! Delivery in 4-6 weeks!