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  1. Trandall

    Odd 120V electrical issue- anyone else?

    @BigSkies the Rivian 120V outlet uses a DC-AC inverter. This means output power is not a true AC sine wave but either a simple square wave or a pulse-width-modulated wave. Sensitive electronics sometimes don't play nice particularly with square waves. This may also be contributing to your issues.
  2. Trandall

    General Charging Questions

    @paranee2 Rivian recommends a daily charge limit of 70% for optimal battery longevity. If 70% range is sufficient for your daily needs that's best practice. If you need more, charge to a level that fits as needed. Reality is the battery is warrantied regardless of charging patterns. Personally I...
  3. Trandall

    Next Batch of NACS Adapters Shipping to Rivian Owners!

    My understanding is UL is currently working on required specifications and certification testing procedures for CCS1 to NACS DC adapters. Once complete the A2Z adapter and presumably the "official" Ford and Rivian adapter as well as likely the Lectron Vortex will be UL tested. Currently NO...
  4. Trandall

    SOS - R1T bricked during aftermarket horn install

    @freshpow, I second the above. Good luck. At a minimum Rivian should be willing to perform the service request even if they feel it was user error. I also agree with @SoCal Rob probably best to remove your aftermarket install for Rivian service. On a side note this makes me very apprehensive to...
  5. Trandall

    Electrify America station Richmond VA offline after R1S fire.

    I'm very curious what has been discovered from the incident last year and what they will find from this incident. Both the causality and what the outcome for the owners are. If this were me I would only feel I was made whole with a replacement of exact configuration R1T new or used in...
  6. Trandall

    22,000 mile routine ‘comprehensive’?

    I suspect a number of factors led to break pads wearing faster than anticipated. Primarily they are heavy trucks and even though I use regen to the greatest extent possible Rivian software sneaks in more blended breaking than most of us realize. My daily commute involves a long fairly steep and...
  7. Trandall

    Gear Guard streaming coming Q3 2024

    R1T/S have both odometer and trip meter albeit only visible when in the drive mode screen. I'm very pleased with the level of tech. in my 2022 R1T. I had a 2023 Mach-E which had AA/CP and much prefer the U/I of the Rivian. I just checked out a $120K Hummer EV (the full spec. Launch edition...
  8. Trandall

    Seized rear calipers - Rivian stuck me with the bill

    @JoulesVerne, my rear pads were down to the indicator bar as well at ~50K miles so I had them replace them when it was in for powered tonneau replacement. They did the front pads too just for good measure. They wanted to do the rotors but I declined. I don't think this is going to be an atypical...
  9. Trandall

    Some R1 refresh mechanical info from a Rivian service tech, announcement next week?

    Good post. Actually some of us have been on this forum for 4 years and been driving our R1T's for nearly 2.5 years. There are R1's with 100K on the odometer, mine has about 55K.
  10. Trandall

    New R1 Refresh spotted photos! [Updated w/ New Wheel Aero Covers pic]

    Yeah but I'll bet the efficiency of these above would probably be amazing!
  11. Trandall

    I have another question about the refresh as there is a premium trim coming

    Length of any string* can be found by folding it in half and doubling it. *does not work for quantum strings where the act of measuring changes the length such that each measurement will yield a different length. Also if I'm Rivian (I'm Not) I'm not spending resources retrofitting customer R1's...
  12. Trandall

    Refresh R1 Colors and Prices (unconfirmed)

    Serious question, what's funny about leather? There exists eco friendly sustainable ways to tan leather. IMO it's better and more sustainable than the use of petrochemical "forever chemical" based interiors. Also I'm not sure but I think the steering wheel might be leather already. Personally...
  13. Trandall

    What 's the best way to deal with scratches like these?

    I thought this is what bumper stickers were designed for. J/K, agree with everyone else I'd see what I could do buffing it out and if not happy take it to the preferred local body shop for a respray of the affected panel.
  14. Trandall

    Conflict at the Supercharger

    Disagree. Tesla chose to open the SC network to some other manufactures. I'm not privy to the terms that were agreed to and it doesn't matter. It is open to Ford and Rivian to the same degree it is open to Tesla. We are all equal customers at this point Tesla ended their charge network...
  15. Trandall

    US Postal Service Tests RDV 500 Van

    This comment drives me nuts " One of the more concerning things about the Rivian Delivery 500 is that there is neither a traditional ignition nor push button used to turn the vehicle on or off. Once the key is in range and the carrier is seated, shifting the gear is all that is needed to begin...
  16. Trandall

    Rivian knows when you use an aftermarket NACS adapter?

    Any youtubers done a teardown of the A2Z adapter and an "official" Ford or Rvian adapter? Seems like this could settle this debate. It's quite possible the A2Z adapter is electromechanically superior to the OEM adapters. Also it should be easy to determine if the charger or the vehicle would...
  17. Trandall

    all EV stock jumped +10%

    I like when people try to explain how any given tech stock valuation is rational. I am furthest thing from a stock analyst but it sure seems to me that many stocks especially in the tech sector have irrational valuations. Some high and some low. Solar flares didn't brick all the EV's thus EV...
  18. Trandall

    Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    I'm assuming she was riding on the pano glass roof when this occurred throwing off the center of gravity... hope she's ok!
  19. Trandall

    22,000 mile routine ‘comprehensive’?

    I thought so too as did the service tech. The rear breaks were just starting to squeek from the indicator making contact with the rotor. Because they felt it was premature is why they goodwilled the labor. I think when they added the toggle to turn off the blended braking was a result of them...
  20. Trandall

    22,000 mile routine ‘comprehensive’?

    There is a good bit of variability in service centers performance. My experience with the nearest service center to me has been amazing. I am always very positive in my communication with the team and in return I get amazing service. I think fostering a good relationship with your local service...