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  1. Donald Stanfield

    Comparing my R1T and my i4 M50

    So, I've mentioned before that we had an i4 M50 on order for my wife. We were able to pick it up yesterday, and I've put a hundred or so miles on it in the last day, driving around and running errands. I don't have the whole thing dialed in yet, but I have enough time behind the wheel to get a...
  2. Donald Stanfield

    Took a 2K mile road trip for the first time with my R1. Here are my impressions

    I went from Knoxville to North Western, WI, and back this past weekend. There were some interesting takeaways from my trip. I want to take this opportunity to give my impressions of the trip and EV charging in general. I'll break it down into sections, as I usually do with my reviews, so feel...
  3. Donald Stanfield

    While the R1T drives up Hell's Gate the Cybertruck can't make it up this little mud hill.

    https://apple.news/AEqN6VUFgTaGaoaWrkT0EsQ Check out the Cybertruck struggling to get up a hill I could climb in a 2004 Buick Lesabre.
  4. Donald Stanfield

    Tire Software Swap, Why does it need to go to the service center?

    Maybe someone else here can enlighten me. I had a mobile service appointment to get the software swapped from my 21" tires to my 22" tires. I was told that they could send out a mobile tech to update the software and they called me back on the night of my scheduled appointment to let me know...
  5. Donald Stanfield

    A Business Case for Software Differentiation

    There's been a lot of discussion lately about different software for different trim levels of truck. People arguing for Rivian to provide special features for certain models, and others arguing for giving all trucks the same truck. I'm going to take this opportunity to explain why Rivian should...
  6. Donald Stanfield

    Reason # 100000000 dealers suck (Another ADM story)

    https://apple.news/AJ6OeGHavQUqTHlQpzg-KaQ A report from CarsDirect found that Chevrolet dealers taking delivery of the new Chevrolet Blazer EV have been adding their own markups on top of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.They found that dealers around the country, including those in...
  7. Donald Stanfield

    21's vs. 22's tires & wheels -- differences observed from swap (Michelin Defender EV tires)

    I took delivery of my truck with the 21" rims and stock tires. Well those tires lasted about 16x miles and I'm down to the wear bars. I bought a set of 22" stock darks from another member here and changed out the tires to the new Michelin Defender EV tires this past Friday. Just a few...
  8. Donald Stanfield

    Center cap compatibility

    I bought some 22's from a fellow member here who went aftermarket for rims and he used his center caps from his 22's to hide the manufacturer logo. I have the ones that came with his aftermarket wheels, which he told me about before I bought them. I would like to change them out to the same...
  9. Donald Stanfield

    Favorite vehicle you've ever owned

    My R1T is probably the best all round vehicle I've ever owned. However it is not my favorite. My favorite was my first, a 1969 Buick Riviera painted in lacquer black with a painted on lime green metallic pin stripe. My dad and uncle helped me restore it and I just felt cool as hell as a 16-17...
  10. Donald Stanfield

    My one year 16K mile review

    I've had my truck officially for one year at this point as I took delivery September of 2022. I'll start with the synopsis of my upcoming review. This truck is best described by me as a jack of all trades. There isn't one single thing this truck is the best at, but it's very good at so many...
  11. Donald Stanfield

    Do you think EVs are eventually going to hurt exotic car brands?

    With electric motors being a huge leap forward in terms of performance that sales of exotic cars will stagnate and taper off? Right now the biggest thing limiting EV all around performance is handling because of battery weight. Even the Rivian has super car acceleration speeds and that's a...
  12. Donald Stanfield

    Ordered my wife's i4 M50 yesterday

    I ordered my wife's new BMW i4M50 yesterday. Luckily enough my dealer had an allocation already we were able to take with a build date in the end of September. I know a small sedan isn't exactly a direct competitor to my T but I plan on comparing and contrasting the buying process and the car...
  13. Donald Stanfield

    R1T road and driving noise realization

    Yesterday my uncle came over and we installed the black emblems from Abstract Ocean. He told me to let the truck sit in my climate controlled garage for the rest of the day because of rain and high humidity here so the glue sets. Well the R1 is pretty much the only vehicle I'm ever in since my...
  14. Donald Stanfield

    My ideal R1T edition.

    There’s a thread on here about what would you change about your R1 for a future version. That got me thinking as to why I bought this truck in particular. I got it simply because of its sports car performance promise. For a truck it absolutely feels like a sports car. What I’d like is for them...
  15. Donald Stanfield

    Big day for Rivian at the local garden center today.

    Ignore the random people who got caught in the shot. I went to get some plants with the wife and just had to park where I did.
  16. Donald Stanfield

    Wife's first real drive in the R1

    So I've had my R1 since September, but my wife has only ever moved it from one spot to another in a parking lot. She drove it today because we are trading in her car next year and I want her to consider an R1S as one of the cars. What better way to get an idea if you want a Rivian than to drive...
  17. Donald Stanfield

    R1S vs BMW iX vs Mercedes EQS

    Okay so next year will be 3 years on our '21 Audi SQ5 Sportback prestige which means it's gotta go. I mean it doesn't HAVE to, but we usually trade cars every 3ish years. My R1T has won me over to BEV's. EVs are cheaper to run, the instant torque is really nice and since I have a place to...
  18. Donald Stanfield

    Who has used a valet?

    I have a trip coming up in a couple months and I’m a little paranoid that the valet is going to Ferris Bueller my truck. Do you think I should put it in snow mode and hope for the best, or take my wife’s Audi S car with a proper valet lock through the app?
  19. Donald Stanfield

    Sport Mode 2.0 is much more responsive after 2022.47.0 software update!

    Is it just me or has this latest update made sport mode much more responsive? Previously you had to get pretty deep into the second half of the pedal to feel it and now you can get into the speed pretty easily. It is much nastier now. I love it, my passengers may not.
  20. Donald Stanfield

    Preventing water droplets on exterior cameras?

    The rearview and other exterior cameras seem to hold water droplets pretty easily. When it rains those cameras become more or less useless. Has anyone put a hood over them/ a coating on them to repel water and dirt?