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  1. madgrey

    Cybertruck Laugh of the Day

    This Man Is Live-Tweeting the Tesla Cybertruck's Downfall - from Road and Track: https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a61159263/tesla-cybertruck-breakdown-twitter/
  2. madgrey

    Is Rivian Changing Bolt Pattern Gen 1 to Gen 2?

    That's good to hear. I purchased 20" Dark wheels for my R1T (it came with 22 brights) that I want to transfer to my eventual Gen2.
  3. madgrey

    Is Rivian Changing Bolt Pattern Gen 1 to Gen 2?

    The Gen2 R1 potentially puts a lot more torque through that 5 lugger, maybe only the 20s are up to the task.
  4. madgrey

    When your Rivian eats bad electrons...

    Mine had this issue for the first few months. The SC said that an air line had a rolled O-ring (after replacing a bunch of other stuff)
  5. madgrey

    R1S Gen 2 SSD Drive

    Owner's Guide Gen 2 specs. R1S records 4 cameras in both Gear Guard and Drive Cam modes. Do we know the difference in resolution (edit: and encoding can make a big difference) between Gen1 and Gen2? A 256GB is fine for my R1T (5 lowish res cameras). I'd probably get at least 1TB for a Gen2 (or...
  6. madgrey

    R1 Gen 2 Quad Large?

    If I'm understanding this correctly, it would be like Chevy offering a C8 e-ray with a de-tuned V8 for less money? Nobody would buy this, there are other C8 options that make more sense just like nobody would buy the proposed de-tuned quad.
  7. madgrey

    Dark out crossbar speculation?

    I was thinking about keeping my crossbars for my next R1T but that one will likely have dark-out emblems. Rivian might get another sale out of me if they offer matching cross-bars.
  8. madgrey

    Tips for Brain Exploder tow hook mount

    I've had this one for about a year and a half, I've had no issues and I've had it on and off a few times. It fits snug because the mounting surfaces perfectly match the tow hook profile. With this in mind you can align the shape and it goes on without any forcing or drama. I believe I opened it...
  9. madgrey

    2025 R1S Ascend: You can now choose SLATE SKY + WALNUT WOOD interior! 🌌

    Yeah, I sort of get that vibe. It reminded me of a giant station wagon (Plymouth I believe) that I rode around in when I was a kid. Blue exterior with a matching blue vinyl interior. Storm Blue/Slate Sky all the way.
  10. madgrey

    2025 R1S Ascend: You can now choose SLATE SKY + WALNUT WOOD interior! 🌌

    Storm Blue. Seems like these two new offerings were designed to go together. I will likely go with Storm blue for my next R1T but I'm on the fence about Slate Sky. I think I like the Black Mountain + Brown Ash Wood better.
  11. madgrey

    R.I.P Manual Tonneau Cover?

    I think loosing the manual tonneau is a good decision, mounting channel and all. Those that don't want the powered one get a clean slate (no constraints due to Rivian's channel implementation) which would open the market up to BAKFlip and all the others to make it the way they see fit.
  12. madgrey

    Non-Media Opinion: The R1 Refresh isn’t Gen 2, its Gen 1.2

    Yes, exactly. Rivian made all kinds of non-software changes and said it's a Gen 2.
  13. madgrey

    Non-Media Opinion: The R1 Refresh isn’t Gen 2, its Gen 1.2

    I spent about 7 years designing complex electro mechanical systems. Something like simplifying a wiring harness can impact the entire system. For example, this could lead to smaller holes/routing channels in the enclosures, which leads to improved electromagnetic compatibility and larger circuit...
  14. madgrey

    Porsche Macan Turbo EV Real Life Pictures

    I'm not sure. My response was meant to give reasons why someone might want a "sports crossover", choosing a Macan over a Boxster/718, to address the question I quoted. My guess is that the Macan EV will outperform the R2 in most performance categories, but I suspect both will perform well so...
  15. madgrey

    Porsche Macan Turbo EV Real Life Pictures

    My wife owned a Boxster S (y2000 model). If she was still interested in Porsche, she'd probably end up with a Macan because getting in and out of a sports car isn't something she wants to do anymore... so, I think that's part of the draw here. Excellent performance with better daily livability...
  16. madgrey

    Rotating tires / lifting truck

    Yeah, unless you have a spare, you need at least 2 jacks and even then, you need to lift a side three times if you want a proper rearward cross. The integrated bottle jack/jack stand method is a god choice for lifting and holding but I don't use this method anymore. Since I have a spare, I now...
  17. madgrey

    Gear Guard Animation Too Cartoonish?

    Use a small USB-C to microSD card adapter in center console Look for "external storage device" in the Owner's Guide. Plus, there's a huge thread: https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/show-off-your-dashcam-memory-card-install.14472/post-334339