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  1. jeeden

    First Rhode Island RAN Site Opens in East Greenwich -- 6 DC fast chargers

    About to do a road trip to New England and thought about it for a hot second, but we are going to go our usual way through Hartford and make a stop a Treehouse Brewing on the way. I wish the Hartford one would open
  2. jeeden

    New Hampshire to Philadelphia and Back >700 miles round trip. Standard+ battery

    We do a day trip to Portsmouth each time we're up there. Some shops we like to go to, we like to have lunch there, I always hit the liquor outlet for bourbon
  3. jeeden

    New Hampshire to Philadelphia and Back >700 miles round trip. Standard+ battery

    Fun! I am leaving with my family on Thursday to come up from Northern VA to Barnstead (just north of Concord near the lake) until Tuesday. If you see a blue R1S that will be us! We made the trip last year, but really looking forward to doing it this year with the Tesla adapter.
  4. jeeden

    NACS Adapter recommendation?

    Can anyone comment if it's an acceptable use to unlock the lock on the A2z adapter to stop the charge session? I've only used mine a couple of times but it seems like I'm always forgetting to stop the charge until I get right to the handle and then I have to go back in the R1S to stop it because...
  5. jeeden

    Rivians in hot weather -- experience / tips?

    Haha I know this thread is going to devolve into a "you don't know what heat is, I know what heat is" but I have lived in Florida for some time and now I live where it does get very hot ( and very cold), just this week we are supposed to hit 100 with a much higher heat index because of the...
  6. jeeden

    Rivians in hot weather -- experience / tips?

    Spot on. I think I will just add that they are talking about adjusting the air conditioner response in the sunshine in the next update and enabling three zone a/c this year. A lot of people have found that you need to bump the AC down to 67 or so to really get it to kick and to hide. It really...
  7. jeeden

    Nervous About Remaining Range? Steps I take when running out of range

    Slowing down is NUMBER 6 on the list? The list could just be number one and six really
  8. jeeden

    Michelin Defender LTX M/S2 coming in 21 inch

    It's kind of a suspicious timeline. I wonder if the The ones from 2023 were the old load rating and they stopped making them and now the ones he shows in July are going to be the new load rating?
  9. jeeden

    How to: Fix weatherstripping/gaskets falling off doors

    Just came up in another thread and I had made the write up so I thought I would make it its own thread for anyone in the future... Mod, you might want to pin it to sticky in the forums (sticky... See what I did there?) 😄 Some of the weather stripping on the rear lift gate of our March 2023...
  10. jeeden

    How to keep hotspot on when leaving vehicle

    Yup, we use camp mode a lot at practice for one kid while the other two are working on their school laptops in the R1S. It's perfect for keeping the climate, radio, and WiFi going without the rest and not timing out either
  11. jeeden

    Adhesive Trim Letting Go

    Some of the weather stripping on the rear lift gate of our March 2023 R1S started to loosen and let go about a month ago. That happens on most cars after many years but obviously this is too early for our cars. I suspect they must have had a problem with the volume or misture at the time with...
  12. jeeden

    SOS - R1T bricked during aftermarket horn install

    Yea, I would give it the 35 minute rest. Make sure you don't put anything heavy on the seats, have a fob nearby etc.
  13. jeeden

    SOS - R1T bricked during aftermarket horn install

    So according to one of the youtube videos the person replaces the battery and then says to NOT reboot the car after doing so. he said you will get a lot of lights, but to put the Rivian in drive and drive it for just a couple of feet and the lights will disappear. I was looking at an R1S video...
  14. jeeden

    RJ, Rivian Service is Broken

    I know that Wassym is a software guy, but what if everyone made sure to get the questions if they are aware, what are they going to do about, etc in the AMA n Reddit today?
  15. jeeden

    My Airbnb charging kit

    I'm picturing something like the spiders in the movie minority report.
  16. jeeden

    My Airbnb charging kit

    It seems the gear IT j1772 adapter keeps getting sold out, but they have a pigtail style one for almost the same price. Some might even like it better so added the link. I wonder if there is a run on some of these components with summer travel and more EVs <gets tinfoil hat>
  17. jeeden

    A2Z NACS To CCS1 Adapter Review

    No, that requires a j1772 adapter which is for AC and the A2Z one talked about here is for DC. A2Z makes one of those, many here like the kectron brand, I like the gearit brand one on Amazon for around $40