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  1. duessell

    Charge port location poll: what standardized location would you like to see?

    After the R2, R3/R3x reveals yesterday and renewed discussion of charge port locations, let's take a poll. Which side do you prefer: left, right, both? Do you want front so you can pull in and/or not worry about a hitch-mount rack or trailer getting in the way? Or maybe you want to back so your...
  2. duessell

    Rivian doing more advertising?

    I've seen a few of these on FB... feels like all of a sudden. I don't ever recall seeing paid ads for Rivian before. Is this new or just new to me?
  3. duessell

    R1S pro tip for snow removal -- securing a leaf blower using tie down point

    Let's say you want to keep your Ego leaf blower in the back to blow snow off your R1S but you don't want it to slide around while driving. You can position a tie down point to hold it in place perfectly.
  4. duessell

    mapbox MapGPT?

    Just saw the Electrek article about Hyundai integrating mapbox's MapGPT for navigation. I sort of wonder if Rivian could/would do this or if it would conflict with Alexa. https://www.mapbox.com/mapgpt Electrek article: https://electrek.co/2024/01/09/hyundai-evs-gain-3d-navigation-mapgpt-ai/...
  5. duessell

    First Rivian Service Center officially open in NJ (Mahwah)!

    I don't see it listed on the public site or mentioned in these forums or on Reddit but I was given the option to pick up my R1S at a center in Mahwah, NJ. Anyone else have experience there?
  6. duessell

    Charging stops before reaching charge limit

    I have been noticing this since maybe two updates ago. I used to see the same thing with my Model 3. Maybe it's vampire drain and the charge controller not topping it off? Anyone else having this issue?
  7. duessell

    Would love to see an R2M ('M' for minivan)

    The only thing I don't like about our Chrysler Pacifica PHEV is that it isn't 100% electric. You can't beat the practicality of a minivan.
  8. duessell

    No/Low Regrets Cost-Cutting Opportunities

    On the heals of additional layoffs, I'm curious to hear what vehicle features you all would give up and not miss. We all have different views of course and one thing that may be useless to one person may be highly valued by another. Personally, the camp speaker is useless for me and I don't get...
  9. duessell

    Audi concept... would love something like this for Rivian R2

    I'd love to see something like this for the R2. Sort of reminds me of late '80s 4Runner but better. https://electrek.co/2023/01/26/audis-new-ev-concept-doubles-as-an-suv-and-truck/
  10. duessell

    Data logger?

    Anyone know of a data logger for Rivian or one maybe in the works? I'd enjoy digging into all the sensor data. Something like Teslafi perhaps. I saw this post on Reddit:
  11. duessell

    DIY temporary tonneau / bed cover?

    Has anyone jerry-rigged a temporary bed cover? I'm debating making one for an upcoming trip for which I could use more covered storage and keeping it on for winter but 1) don't want to spend a lot and 2) don't have any ideas better than 2x4s and plywood mounted to the crossbar mounts.
  12. duessell

    HVAC User Interface and Efficiency

    User Interface: I find the user interface for the HVAC a bit confusing and counterintuitive at times. See the two images below. In the first, I show that the interior temp was set to 71 degrees and the vents show red heating lines. In the other, I show the interior temp set to 70 degrees and the...
  13. duessell

    Navigation icons

    Does anyone know what these markers are? Tapping them doesn't bring up any info.
  14. duessell

    New York Drive Clean Rebate. Why no Rivian?

    Does anyone know why Rivian isn't included in the eligible list under the New York Drive Clean Rebate? Based on the description of the rebate, Rivians should be eligible for $500 as an electric vehicle with over 200 miles of range and MSRP over $42,000...
  15. duessell

    Misery looking for company (biggest 6/11 delays?)

    Has anyone else been pushed back as far as I have? I was originally in the July-September 2022 window and now in the second half of 2023 window. I haven't seen anyone else report a delay nearly this long. Even CS rep seemed surprised by the length of my delay.
  16. duessell

    Manual Tonneau Discussion

    I think this is worthy of its own thread now. I haven't seen a single photo of the manual tonneau. Below is all the detail I see on the R1T page. "Tonneau We have two lockable tonneau cover options, both of which will protect against light weather. Our powered tonneau cover integrates into...
  17. duessell

    Geofencing, cameras and radar for ride height and overhead clearance warning

    Anyone know if there are any plans to use geofencing to set ride height? This would be useful for me since I have an unusually low garage opening and can likely only clear my entrance on the low ride height. I've been in parking garages in the past year where you wouldn't want to enter on high...