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  1. RayzorBEV

    22" Range Wheels on 2nd Gen R1 - With and Without Aero Covers (Photos)

    I hope that Rivian has addressed the ride quality concern with these 22's. I have driven 3 Rivians with factory 22's and they are rough on all but the smoothest pavement. They are also noisy and elicited all the unwanted rattles throughout the cabins while going through certain pavement...
  2. RayzorBEV

    I Spent Two Days With Gen-2 R1 Vehicles. Here’s My Thoughts as a Rivian Owner...

    RIP 21in wheels. After driven 3 different Rivians with 22in wheel/tire combo, I am not impressed with their ride quality. 21in is OK, 20in yield the best ride in my opinion. I find it strange that Rivian decides to go big (rims size) for efficiency. I'll bet with a proper set of aftermarket 20in...
  3. RayzorBEV

    KO3 tires installed on 20" steel wheels rims

    Now, that's a set of proper tire/rim worthy of the R1T. Very dope. Thanks for sharing :like:
  4. RayzorBEV

    US Postal Service Tests RDV 500 Van

    The obvious choice compared to the Oshkosh van USPS is proposing :CWL:
  5. RayzorBEV

    Is range improvement over time possible?

    My Cyberbeast now has 208mi with energy consumption at 376Wh/mi. Not bad considered it's running on 285/65R20, 35in AT tires. For comparison, my Rivian R1T QM has 3189mi, using 380Wh/mi but it has 275/55R21 32.9in AS tires. So, I was wrong🤭 my Cyberbeast is actually more efficient than my R1T...
  6. RayzorBEV

    YouTube App and Google Cast video streaming coming to Rivian infotainment system

    Hulu and Netflix next for both front and rear with the rear working at all times not just parked 🙏 :fingerscrossed:
  7. RayzorBEV

    Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    The line to park inside the garage is getting long:CWL:
  8. RayzorBEV

    Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    Yikes, shave that hairy belly first :CWL:
  9. RayzorBEV

    Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    It looks like the factory offroad reinforced under belly🤔
  10. RayzorBEV

    Best view yet of Underbody Shield (R1 rollover)

    Man, this sucks for you but your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed; this Rivian's belly is 👶's butt smooth! Thanks for flashing us🤓
  11. RayzorBEV

    Another bill proposed to eliminate EV tax credits.

    I'm at Zion National Park. Lots of Rivians and Teslas here. :like:
  12. RayzorBEV

    Another bill proposed to eliminate EV tax credits.

    More often than not, the motivation behind all these snti-EV bills are pushed by special interest groups representing the fossil fuel industries or any businesses see EVs as a threat to their survival...
  13. RayzorBEV

    Suspension issue…took delivery yesterday…

    It is definitely a Rivian's air suspension thing (it's designed by the same guy that designed the air suspension for McLaren super cars; and seems to me that it didn't translate well to a EV truck or SUV 🤔 ). Tried the Ram 1500 with air suspension; smooth and relatively quiet compared to my...
  14. RayzorBEV

    Loud Rattling and Loose sounding suspension.

    Yes! On my '22 R1T. I took it back to RSC mutiple times to no avail....They kept telling me it's normal due to the use of an electro-hydraulic roll control system. Basically, hydraulic actuators that replace anti-roll bars, are the source of the noise which is not true because my '23 R1T and R1S...
  15. RayzorBEV

    Suspension issue…took delivery yesterday…

    Yup. I have similar issues with my '22 R1T, '23 R1T and '23 R1S. Brought them back to the SC for repair to no avail. Rivian went on an extensive and technical explanation each time I took it in, but failed each time to answer my question to my satisfactory. They claimed that the smart air...
  16. RayzorBEV

    Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: Off-Road Drag Race!

    I hope that you can fix this :fingerscrossed: . I took both back to SC to have Rivian attempt to fix them to no avail :facepalm:
  17. RayzorBEV

    Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: Off-Road Drag Race!

    It make sense to me since our R1T has quad-motor vs Tesla's tri-motor but also traction and off the line reaction time play huge roles too :like: