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  1. mini2nut

    How I Know Cybertruck Pre-Orders have TANKED on Sales

    More affordable Non-Foundation Series trucks are going into production soon. Reservation holders who want the 600 HP $79,900 AWD version hope the point of sale $7500 tax credit applies. https://insideevs.com/news/723268/tesla-cybertruck-international-foundation/
  2. mini2nut

    How I Know Cybertruck Pre-Orders have TANKED on Sales

    Tesla leadership stated that their production goal by the of the year is 2500 Cybertrucks a week, 10,000 a month. This works out to an annual production rate of 125,000 trucks per year. Cybertruck’s will be a common site on American roads by next summer.
  3. mini2nut

    How I Know Cybertruck Pre-Orders have TANKED on Sales

    Tesla is deep into the reservation que right now. TX owners claim that placing a $100K AWD FS order nets you a VIN the following day. It used to take weeks. This is proof that demand is dropping for the expensive FS trucks. The conversion rate is estimated at 3-5%. Elon stated that non-FS...
  4. mini2nut

    Anyone else still trying to figure out what 2025 configuration they want?

    Does the Standard Pack LFP currently qualify for the $7500 tax credit or when the plant goes online this fall?
  5. mini2nut

    Anyone ordering the 2025 R1 2.0 refresh?

    I predict slow sales for the refreshed 2025 R1. With the $69,900 Dual Motor "loss leader" aside, I don't see many 2022-2024 Quad Motor owners purchasing a 2025 Tri or new Quad due to pricing and negligible exterior changes.
  6. mini2nut

    Biggest downgrade for Gen2 R1?

    Not redesigning the fugly front end during the refresh was a miss.
  7. mini2nut

    Official update: pre-order price voucher does not apply to custom configurations

    I predicted this was going to happen. The coupon would have been a great deal on the $69,900 Dual Motor trim.
  8. mini2nut

    Anyone ordering the 2025 R1 2.0 refresh?

    I double that. I am also waiting on the non-FS Cybertruck’s to start production. If the 600 HP AWD CT stays at $79,990 and qualifies for the $7500 tax credit I am leaning towards my Cybertruck reservation at $72.5k. Simply a lot more bang for the buck. I like my current R1T but I am not in love...
  9. mini2nut

    Anyone ordering the 2025 R1 2.0 refresh?

    I hear that. Marketing 101 steers buyers to the pricier trim level for the new paint color. The new 2025 R1‘s are pricey minus the entry level $69,900 Dual Motor LFP trim. I think the DM LFP qualifies for the $3250 tax credit.
  10. mini2nut

    R.I.P Manual Tonneau Cover?

    The Gen 2 powered tonneau cover for $1500 looks like the way to go.
  11. mini2nut

    Anyone ordering the 2025 R1 2.0 refresh?

    Entertaining a 2025 Dual Motor LFP but I am going to wait and see if the non Foundation Series AWD Cybertruck is released this year at the estimated $79,990. I have an early reservation and passed on my March 5th FS CT invite. The AWD CT should qualify for the $7500 tax credit since the battery...
  12. mini2nut

    Anyone ordering the 2025 R1 2.0 refresh?

    The new Dual Motor LFP $69,900 trim appears to be the bargain of the bunch. A lot of improvements under the skin. It appears that the color options are a carry over from 2024. This was a miss by Rivian IMO. I think the refresh was well done. Rivian must have started on the project years ago...
  13. mini2nut

    How I Know Cybertruck Pre-Orders have TANKED on Sales

    Early day 2 Cybertruck reservation holder. I received my FS Cybertruck invite to configure on March 5th. Similar to roughly 97% of reservation holders I am holding tight. Tesla is fairly deep into the reservation pool and I think conversion rates are dropping. Also, the FS trucks require a non...
  14. mini2nut

    Price went up $8,150 for Gen2, am I missing something?

    The Rivian chassis engineers made HUGE changes to the 2025 R1S suspension. The rear end “porpoising“ when going over bumps has new been totally eliminated.
  15. mini2nut

    I Spent Two Days With Gen-2 R1 Vehicles. Here’s My Thoughts as a Rivian Owner...

    The bottom line? The 2022-2024 R1’s are now obsolete from a technical standpoint. The 2025 R1 computing power, cameras, vampire drain, sensors, etc. are now state of the art. “A new Rivian Autonomy Platform relies on 11 cameras and five radar sensors. Utilizing predictive artificial...
  16. mini2nut

    Ok so the refresh came out... still good to get a 1st Gen R1T?

    The electronic upgrades are beyond what I expected on the 2025. The cameras are now crystal clear. I read somewhere from a Rivian engineer that durability testing the prototypes was 15 hours a day. He said they never missed a beat and were exceptionally reliable through all of the validation...
  17. mini2nut

    *I Canceled My 2024 Quad-Motor R1S Pick Up Tomorrow for the 2025 Tri-Motor Ascend/Quad-Motor!

    With over 600 changes I would cancel a 2024 purchase and go for the 2025. I was a bit surprised that Rivian didn’t simplify their lineup for manufacturing and efficiency reasons. They still have way too many interior trims, wheel choices, etc.
  18. mini2nut

    Max Pack Charging Speeds

    We need this now… https://www.thecooldown.com/green-tech/gotion-high-tech-ev-battery-fast-charge/
  19. mini2nut

    Rivian working on off-road drone to replace a spotter