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  1. mabowden

    Would you create a ticket?

    Truck was delivered 12/22 Months after I took delivery, I noticed the rear spoiler/ trim area was slightly elevated in relation to the top glass. I don't check this often. I don't really have a reason to check this often. I waxed the truck this weekend, and noticed that it looks worse than I...
  2. mabowden

    Volvo EX30... larger than expected... will it be available in the USA before the R2?

    I had reserved an EX30 for my wife. A couple things ultimately made me change my mind and refund the reservation. 1) The used EV market is plummeting. This makes a kia EV6 very affordable with low miles and better range. 2) Volvo seems to use very optimistic range estimates. I was very...
  3. mabowden

    Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    Gahhh. Vin is in the 16xxx range. 2nd/3rd round of s00n. At least this time, unlike the manual cover which I ended up cancelling, its free so I can't really complain....
  4. mabowden

    So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    You had six months on my delivery date :)
  5. mabowden

    So frustrated with service I'm ready to sell my Rivian

    Yeah. I'm not a fan of the service model as it is currently. I worry about owning the vehicle outside of warranty, but I like the truck so much I think I will brave it (25k miles currently, going to get there faster than most). Air suspension replacement worries me the most.
  6. mabowden

    CA registration renewal is EXPENSIVE

    Dumb how it seems to be completely random. Mine was $82k with pre march pricing and my reg. was ~$1200
  7. mabowden

    Rivian Sunshade

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BKSM45D4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1 I got this one. No complaints, does the job well.
  8. mabowden

    Wanting an R1T

    The black one with hail damage doesn't look too bad. A few grand of PDR and Boom!
  9. mabowden

    Possible Fisker Bankruptcy

    Imagine being an early adopter... I'd be fuming.
  10. mabowden

    My R1T was damaged "Discount tire service center" (not the national Discount Tire chain)

    Yep. Amercia's tire knows what they're doing. all techs have done it the same way. I have pucks under my rear bench as well. Both times I've gone I'm glad I brough my own. They seem to go through pucks pretty quick and have used mine both times.
  11. mabowden

    Lost all internet

    Happened to me this morning on my way to work. Love the ATT outage excuse because I promptly switched to my phone (powered by ATT) to stream on via bluetooth. Came back at lunch and everything was fine.
  12. mabowden

    Rivian Service Center Debacle

    Honestly it doesn't matter where they put it. Probably not a good idea to put them too close together. They need more service out here ASAP. Plenty of folks reporting six month wait lead times, only to get to the SC and be told they can't begin working on your car for 10 days. But wait...
  13. mabowden

    Thoughts on R2 options

    Welcome. I see you're new here. Lets see what happens when the cards fall. I think back in my early days, I predicted the 1st R1 price increase pretty early on... One of the reasons I put in my res when I did- price was too good to be true. I expect the $45k option will be mostly...
  14. mabowden

    Thoughts on R2 options

    I'm guessing long range dual will start in the high 50's.
  15. mabowden

    Bravo Rivian but now R1 is OLD.

    You likely won't get an r2 for 2-3 years. It doesn't kill anything. My brother has 2 kids. Won't even look at an R2. My wife and I have zero kids. Wants an R2 badly. IMHO, really depends on your family situation.
  16. mabowden

    R2 Reservations are open and it's FAST!

    10:26. I was on an interview call and pulled it up at 10:05 and didn't see the button :(. Oh well, still in!
  17. mabowden

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    I'd have a hard time getting rid of this truck because of how great the product is. However, it aint cheap for sure in CA. Annual, mostly fixed costs: Registration: $1100 Insurance: $3200 Tires: $1400-1800 (C'mon Michelin!) So just to operate we're talking roughly ~6k or so per year before...
  18. mabowden

    Saved so much $$$ buying a Rivian 😂

    Sucks. Socal Edison is terrible, but I'm only at $.22/KwH. Still highway robbery compared to most.
  19. mabowden

    Purchase hesitancy

    Service is in a bit of shambles right now, at least in my area. Only time will tell if they are able to claw out of it.