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  1. kylealden

    Autosocks experience & towing in the snow

    I got to (had to) try out my AutoSocks for the first time coming over Santiam Pass on Saturday, towing a 20ft trailer. A few folks have asked about it so I figured I'd share a very brief report. For those who aren't aware, Rivian recommends against using chains or cables on the 20" wheels due...
  2. kylealden

    R1T + Royal Enfield Himalayan (Motorcycle in bed)

    Nothing too exciting here, but my wife's Himalayan broke down about an hour into a group ride on Saturday. Fortunately, I'd previously bought a couple folding ramps for the R1T. We found a safe place to stash the bike on the side of the road, then finished the day two-up on my bike. I came back...
  3. kylealden

    Rooftop tent storage solution for Rivian R1T

    I finally got around to setting up a storage solution for my Condor Overland RTT, which I thought I'd share for anyone who is looking for a similar setup. This would work for any RTT that mounts to the factory crossbars (or indeed anything at all on the crossbars, up to 400lbs). I wanted an...
  4. kylealden

    Roofnest Condor Overland Roof Top Tent (RTT) + R1T

    For folks who may be interested, I got my Condor Overland installed on the R1T and went for my first camping trip up on Orcas Island over the weekend. I'm still on a broken ankle so while I'm cleared to drive, I'm not super mobile outside the truck, so I only grabbed a few pictures, but thought...
  5. kylealden

    New official video: "A Tour of the Rivian Plant"

    Surprised nobody beat me to it...
  6. kylealden

    My Rivian nightmare…

    After three long years of waiting, we finally took delivery a week ago! She’s a beaut, but we had a few minor issues (transporter damage) to sort out, so the truck was back in the shop Thursday/Friday. This weekend was our first real outing with the truck in ship shape and some activities...
  7. kylealden

    Rooftop Tents blocking brake lights (CHMSL)

    So, Rivian sells Yakima rooftop tents, and it seems like third-party rooftop tents are extremely popular on short-bed trucks in general (whether Thule, Yakima, iKamper, Roofnest, etc. etc. etc.). And if I'm not mistaken, virtually 100% of these block the third brake light (CHMSL). Some people...
  8. kylealden

    Reinforced Underbody Shield is now a separate option

    With the price hikes today, they've also moved the Reinforced Underbody Shield and Tow Hooks to two separate options in the "Adventure Gear" section, replacing the previous "Off-road upgrade." Notably, my existing LE configuration had the Off-road upgrade, but now shows only "Tow Hooks"...
  9. kylealden

    Alternative Fridge mounting solutions

    For folks who (like me) are bummed that most decently-sized portable fridges won't fit in the frunk or tonneau cover of the R1T, here's an interesting solution: DIY Fridge Slide Alternative for Truck Camping and Overlanding | Take The Truck There are a few things to like here: Leaves the...
  10. kylealden

    Cameras App Features & Functions - clues from the Motortrend feature

    There are some interesting shots from the recent Motortrend trip which suggest some cool features of the Cameras app. In particular, this one from @renz.jpg on instagram caught my eye: A few interesting details here - Great layout for rearview + side view cameras maximizing the center...
  11. kylealden

    Interior Details!

    ... are coming next week: We're now at the "This week's info dump is that next week we'll have an info dump" stage of things, but honestly, at least we know they're alive over there. I wonder if software is coming in a little hotter than expected? Seems like the only part that I wouldn't...
  12. kylealden

    Loki slide-in EV Camper for Rivian R1T

    Haven't seen anyone mention this here yet - I just stumbled upon the Loki Basecamp, which is a slick looking slide-in camper and they plan to make a R1T-specific model: LOKI Basecamp - Rivian Edition | Loki Basecamp Most slide-ins seem to need at minimum a 5' bed, so this could be interesting...
  13. kylealden

    Snow Peak Kitchen Set Price Value

    With the Snow Peak kitchen set now being included (and detailed for the first time), I started to price out the included pieces just to get a sense of the overall value - Home & Camp Cookset - $314.95 Kitchen Tool Set - $84.95 Charcuterie Board - $37.95 Field Barista Set - $260 Stacking Mug Set...
  14. kylealden

    R1T canopy accessory?

    Spotted in the background of RJ’s latest tweet: Might just be a hack with some poles and a tarp, but I’d love to see a proper accessory!
  15. kylealden

    Rivian Orange

    Just for fun ? I was playing with the color configurator and happened to screenshot halfway between the transition from Compass Yellow to Red Canyon. My wife will hate me but I think I love it? Can we can one of the other colors and make this an option? ?
  16. kylealden

    Fridge slide?

    I’m new to the truck world, so pardon if this is a silly question. A lot of off road fridges have slide options for easier access from the truck bed, especially if you have things like a rooftop tent over the bed. However, these typically require drilling to mount the slide. I’m curious if we...
  17. kylealden

    Battery voltage confirmed: 400V-450V

    Apologies if this had been definitively confirmed elsewhere - I seem to recall some debate about 400 vs 800v batteries. I saw this snap from the Rebelle R1T (via the auxiliary display manufacturer). Seems to confirm 400-450V.