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  1. s00n

    Crooked Windshield - Wind Noise?

    Just noticed today that there’s a bigger gap on the passenger side top of the windshield as seen in the pic. We’ve noticed a bit more wind noise in the cabin coming from that area. Could this slightly larger gap be the cause? Planning on taping it to see if that’s where it’s coming from, but in...
  2. s00n

    Seat Belt Mod - Possible?

    Saw some Forest Edge seat belts on Ebay recently, and got me thinking. Wife's Cayenne has a black interior with red (bordeaux) seatbelts, really sharp look. I guess it might depend on the type of accident/reason is was totalled, but would it be possible to swap out black belts in a Black...
  3. s00n

    Parted out R1's

    Would anyone have leads on R1's (unfortunately) being parted out? Seems like they get totaled for relatively minor accidents, looking for a couple things and almost got scammed by one of those parting-out listings on Facebook. Not looking for a whole vehicle. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. s00n

    Auto AC Floor Vent Question

    Every time I set the AC to Auto, the front floor vents are off by default. Turn them on, but then next time I get in Auto is on but floor vents are off again. Any way to keep them on when Auto is on?
  5. s00n

    Roof Mount Bike Rack installed on R1S

    Haven't seen many people go the rooftop route because, well, it IS high. But in kneel mode with running boards it's not really that difficult. Opted for this over a hitch mount primarily because I can leave it on pretty much all the time. I don't do much highway driving that would effect range...
  6. s00n

    What's the point of PDI?

    Maybe mine is an isolated case, but what does the SC do during PDI (or what are they supposed to be checking)? My S sat at the SC for a week and a half supposedly after PDI while waiting for delivery. At delivery, scheduled for 11:00, we look out to see a team of 4-5 guys walking around the car...
  7. s00n

    Removable Speaker - Genius!

    https://www.tacoma4g.com/forum/threads/04-25-teaser-2024-tacoma-has-removable-jbl-bluetooth-speaker-option-dash-truck-bed-previewed.1278/ Brilliant! :like:
  8. s00n

    Wanted: Filthy Stealth Pics

    Realize this is an odd, specific request, but those with stealth PPF, do you have any pics of it dirty? Love the look of stealth, but I've really only seen them spotless. My (FG) S will be dirty most of the time as it's impossible to keep clean in northern CO. Also will be spending a good bit...
  9. s00n

    Roof Rack + MTB ?

    I haven't yet come across much info/first-hand experience on a rooftop bike rack setup for an R1S - has anyone done this? Ive seen quite a bit on R1T bed setups, but Im wondering if the lifting height would be an issue on an S, esp with a heavy-ish mountain bike. (I have the Rivian racks, just...