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  1. kylealden

    Rivian working on off-road drone to replace a spotter

    Remember folks: A patent just means "somebody at Rivian had an idea they wanted to protect." It does not mean Rivian is working, will work, or has worked on this. There are a thousand obstacles behind idea and reality, of which technical feasibility and patentability are arguably the most...
  2. kylealden

    R1T cover flap on the air compressor

    Mine popped open all the time. I added a magnet and now it's rock solid. Highly recommended. Just grab a set of these and stick one on: Mousike Magnetic Door Catch Ultra Thin Cabinet Magnets Stainless Steel Drawer Magnet Catch for Sliding Door Closure Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Closet Closer...
  3. kylealden

    The Ultimate Rivian R1T RMAXX Gear Tunnel Slide-Out Modular Storage Management Sled System has Launched - EVSportline.com

    oh god damnit now I have to buy one 🤣, this is way less janky than my current setup. Does the Pro Eagle mount screw into existing hardpoints or did you have to drill? Edit: Any more (even high level) details on the camp kitchen kit? I am going to leave one side blank for the Pro Eagle, don't...
  4. kylealden

    Yakima Tent for R1T Bed - whatever happened to it?

    If you don't want to wait for the Rivian Treehouse, I'd probably go with one of the better in-market options like the iKamper SkyCamp Mini 3 or the Roofnest Condor Overland Mini. They're hard-shelled, come with more features, and (in the case of the Condor) support crossbars and mounted accessories.
  5. kylealden

    Mountain Performance Products L3

    To be honest, my takeaway here is that I wouldn't want to do business with either of you. MPP's last two responses were pretty unprofessional to be sure, but they were right that you never responded to confirm, and your communications were pretty brusque and hostile throughout. Treating people...
  6. kylealden

    Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    If Tesla hadn't opened up NACS, the inevitable outcome was that eventually (after a long, bitter standards war) CCS would have won by sheer scale; even with Tesla's huge first mover advantage, they'd never outcompete hundreds of millions of CCS vehicles. That would have taken probably a decade...
  7. kylealden

    Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    Here's how I see this: CCS is dead. I used to think it might win, and in that world I'd always bet Tesla would cave and switch to CCS the moment NACS became a liability - e.g., when they waging a losing war by investing on a proprietary standard against an (eventually) larger install base of...
  8. kylealden

    Rivian Guides are no more. Customer service communications now handled by Service Centers

    I think this is unfortunately a good thing. Guides were an unnecessary and unscalable CS innovation which is not what Rivian should be focused on at this time. I loved the idea in theory but in principle it was a disaster that was bound to get worse over time.
  9. kylealden

    Key fob PSA!

    Really bummed BuiltRight seems to have given up on this; I've never had problems with the fob but have never depended on the carabiner for anything serious.
  10. kylealden

    Trailer Valet Blackout 10K Hitch (BSDH0030, Class IV, 2") on a Rivian R1T -- anyone try?

    Mine is the 6" too - it does decrease the theoretical departure angle but not in any way that would impact anything besides off-roading. And you could always flip it upside down if needed.
  11. kylealden

    Trailer Valet Blackout 10K Hitch (BSDH0030, Class IV, 2") on a Rivian R1T -- anyone try?

    For this concern I've been happy with the Weigh-Safe hitch, it's incredibly easy to swap the balls and adjust drop. And there's a built-in tongue weight scale, which is really handy to have for loading trailers properly. Spendy though. Adjustable Drop Hitches | Tongue Weight Scale | Weigh Safe...
  12. kylealden

    Where are the Rivian "adventurers"?

    I think you're missing my point a bit - it's not that there's no such thing as "real overlanders," it's that the ones you're going to encounter organically are either from people directly in your orbit (friends, forum get togethers, etc.) or from aggressive self-promoters (youtubers and other...
  13. kylealden

    Max Pack worth it for towing?

    Fully agreed on this - I really think they should enable adaptive cruise (with adjusted following distances) while towing. If anything it seems more dangerous to disable it because of potential mode confusion for drivers. (I don't think they need to enable the full Driver+ suite, just adaptive...
  14. kylealden

    Apple investing in Rivian?

    I'll just note that the speculation appears to have been kicked off by Gene Munster who is one of the most consistently wrong Apple analysts in history. I wouldn't get too excited. Apple ships when: They believe a step change in technology enables a dramatic shift in the customer experience...
  15. kylealden

    Flash Light Powerbank?

    I love the camp speaker in theory; in principle, it's just a hassle because the software and controls are unreliable and it has too many "automatic" features. My kingdom for an analog on/off slider on these damn things.
  16. kylealden

    Where are the Rivian "adventurers"?

    Two thoughts: I'm not super here for the "adventure" gatekeeping. I've towed an airstream to ski areas multiple times in feet of snow to camp out for fresh powder (just got back from a week at Bachelor, in fact). Is that an adventure, or do I have to pose on a rock? I've pulled trucks and vans...
  17. kylealden

    R3 Reveal Shocks!!! 😱

    R3 is the Model Y / Subie marriage I've been begging for since I got my first EV. Wish they'd shared price (sub-$40????), but hot damn the design is a slam dunk. Now they just have to survive long enough to sell some.