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    Colorado Swapped my Rivian for a Silverado RST EV - items for sale

    They look like a million bucks... But I don't expect much out of them used. I'll post them come August.
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    Colorado Swapped my Rivian for a Silverado RST EV - items for sale

    Which set of wheels are you looking to acquire? The build date for my Sierra Denali EV is July 15th, so I will be selling my R1T and I have both 20s and 21s for it. The 20s are atomic 9 inchers wearing Toyo Open country M/Ts.
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    Real world dual-motor and max-pack reviews missing?

    Can't help ya with that. 😎
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    Real world dual-motor and max-pack reviews missing?

    How did we ever function before the ub tubers told us all how to live lol? I can't help you with the "vid" angle, I predate the whole youtube craze. I have written pretty extensively about our tests of these vehicles however.
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    Beta: 2024.19 Software Update: Suspension, Visual Interface, Live Blind Spot Camera, Climate Control, OTA scheduling, Google Maps Improvements & More

    I had gotten used to the loose suspension sounds, thumps and negative feedback; until I spent time with the Silverado RST EV. That truck is solid, feels solid and has none of the negative wheel feedback. Now the janky suspension in my T bothers me again. Dammit.
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    Tesla Supercharger Rates -OUCH!!

    ... Unless your question was "is the price different for Tesla drivers?" If so then no; I pay the same to charge my R1 (with subscription) at the SCs as I do with my Model Y.
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    Tesla Supercharger Rates -OUCH!!

    RAN $.36 here, EA $.42 (with subscription): so yeah, being gouged differently. In my travels I have observed that Tesla is the only one that passes along cheap power benefits when available. RAN, EA & others just pocket the difference. Really, though, I am not sure I can blame them; if people...
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    Tesla Supercharger Rates -OUCH!!

    I paid $.016/kw yesterday at an SC. I guess Elon likes me better. Or, maybe it is a reflection of what Tesla is paying for the power in the first place? 🤔
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    Anyone ordering the 2025 R1 2.0 refresh?

    Nope. The R1 has been interesting, but the Sierra Denali is much more truck.
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    Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    Your assumption that these vehicles were abused is certainly accurate LOL. I seem to take vehicles through a greater variety of challenges than most, but I would like to think that I am careful not to abuse them. Really, what I was talking about, however, is feel. The Silverado _feels_ more...
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    Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    Not my personal trucks, no. I have seen blown bags, tie rods snapped like twigs, bent/broken control arms and cracked frames on R1s that were abused. Way too much weight on these trucks to run them like a trophy trucks.
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    Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    Care to point me to review that says it's crap to drive? Certainly was not my experience, I preferred the big truck, solid feel over my R1T. I know the WT has a bit less power, but the RST fixes that. The suspension on the RST just feels so much better built. I could always feel the fragility...
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    Toyo Open Country A/T EV tires mounted (will update over weekend test)

    Toyos have long been my go-to, so I am interested to see if there is an efficiency bump over the rest of the Toyo lineup. If there is an efficiency bump, is there a durability Hit?
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    RoofTop Tent RTT Advice/Suggestions

    Many miles and many nights with a smittybilt overlander. Super happy with it, fits the crossbars well.
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    Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    Getting in and out of the r1t always seemed just a little awkward to me; like I was trying to get in and out of a smaller vehicle than it really is. I'm a big guy, so I'm kind of used to that, and it's never bothered me enough to complain about it. The Silverado is just that; A full size...
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    Living With The Chevy Silverado EV For (Almost) A Week

    The WT is an impressive truck, but it was 4 days with the Silverado EV RST that ruined my R1T for me. The list of things that GM got right in this RST would fill pages, and will surely affect how many trucks Rivian is able to sell once the public is able to cross shop these products. As much as...
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    Battery temperature at 90 degrees

    The answer to your question is on the very gauge you are looking at. 😉
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    Entire Tesla Supercharger team fired (Update: Elon Musk says supercharger network growth will continue). ** ⚠️ ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **

    No, they didn't. Just like they did not "cancel" the M2, which is also widely (and just as falsely) being reported by the media. Part of what is going on is trying to keep the competition in the dark to be able to get there first. Good business sense. Yes; big moves happening. Anybody who...