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  1. Cycliste

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Rode the bike from Crane Flat to Olmsted Point on Bike Day on Tioga Pass. The barriers are still up at Groveland and the lot is quite messed up from the construction and not paved.. I did bother to take photos.
  2. Cycliste

    Rivian Side Emblem Measurement Help

    Obviously, metric is a better system. Note—my truck had the emblems removed and reattached for PPF. I kinda like those that have been debadged
  3. Cycliste

    DHD Tie Rod Sleeves Upgrade - Install Tips and Info

    Today I learned tie rods have an innie and an outie.
  4. Cycliste

    Pretty damn cool! Lectron adapter @ Tesla Supercharger

    Looks this station is set up so you could approach from the opposite side, but a Tesla could then try to pull into that slot and try to charge. Oh wait—there is a charger for that side as well. I would not have noticed
  5. Cycliste

    Maine vehicle inspection

    Some idiot is going to reply, “In Maine.”
  6. Cycliste

    Radio station popup on center screen is an unnecessary distraction

    I still don’t need music or radio notifications while driving. Generally, I no longer drive with music or the radio playing
  7. Cycliste

    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    NACS is now a non-Tesla controlled standard Tesla charging network is controlled by Tesla with undisclosed terms of contracts with Ford and Rivian, etc Matt Levine (Bloomberg) “Everything is securities fraud” Lawyers: It’s complicated now
  8. Cycliste

    Charging on Road Question About Route Planning In Detail

    ‘Where in the ‘Daks’ has replaced ‘Where in the Hell?’ I did not know that. Thanks for updating me. I’ve never been to the Adirondack Mountains. Where is a good place to go with AirBnBs for a first timer? When should you go there?
  9. Cycliste

    Motor Failure on Cross-Country Road Trip

    What did Rivian Roadside Assistance recommend? I feel sad this happened. Best of luck.
  10. Cycliste

    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    You would think Rivian would evaluate/test some of the A2Z and Lectron adapters, issue some statement of suitability for use with a bunch of CYA legalese. Unless there is something in the agreement with Tesla that prohibits this activity.
  11. Cycliste

    Currently driving from FL to CA

    Last check-in 5/25/2024. At this moment, Rivian Mac says 3 are available
  12. Cycliste

    Any updates on receiving the Tesla charging adapter?

    Do we know Tesla is supplying NACS DCFC adapters at cost to Ford and Rivian? I agree we don’t know why the NACS DCFC adapter rollout is so slow. But I also do not think we know the details of the agreements between Tesla and other manufacturers to use the Tesla supercharger network.
  13. Cycliste

    Level 3 extension cable?

    Some people have signed up to be notified when this third party NACS DCFC Supercharger extension cord is available https://a2zevshop.com/collections/charging-adapters-home-page/products/tesla-nacs-dc-supercharger-extension-cord
  14. Cycliste

    Currently driving from FL to CA

    Have a nice trip! Happy Birthday to your R1T!
  15. Cycliste

    Currently driving from FL to CA

    666 miles / 1072 kilometers a day does mean quite a bit of time to charge. I can see your point, if you want to drive that many miles per day. How much time would you spend on rest breaks if you were not resting while charging?